Cleaning Your Carpet at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you think just vacuuming your carpet provides you with a clean carpet? Well, it does remove dirt, dust, hair, and other particles present, but there are germs, stains, and so many other things that you need to clean from the carpet. This requires deep cleaning, and people usually give their carpets and rugs to professionals to deep clean them. You can get them cleaned professionally, but you can clean them thoroughly at home as well. You need to get all the gadgets that you would need during the cleaning and become familiar with them. Small rugs and carpets can be cleaned at home with some steps and methods. You can DIY a carpet cleaning project at home when you are free.

1: Vacuum the area

People make the mistake of just vacuuming the carpet and then removing it from the room. Instead,  what you can do is vacuum the room in which the carpet is to be cleaned and then vacuum the carpet. Even a little bit of dust can be attracted to the fibers of the carpet if the room is not vacuumed properly. You need to make sure that the room or area you are cleaning your carpet in is tidy for further use.

2: Treat the stains

If you have the carpet in a heavily trafficked area of the house, then there are chances that your carpet has some food, drink, cream, or any other stains on it. This is a common occurrence that can occur, and you need to clean up these stains when you are cleaning your carpet. You can use water to pretreat the stains, or you can use some other chemicals that can get rid of the stains for you. This will help you get a clean carpet.

3: Use ingredients to remove tough stains

Stains are of various kinds. Some can be cleaned with water, some need soap, and some need tough ingredients. Some stains are not removed no matter what, and to remove those tough stains, you need to use chemicals and other things that would help in their removal. You can use baking soda, soap, and other ingredients and leave them on the stain for some time so that they can easily remove the stain.

4: Brush it and clean in the machine

After the soap and chemicals are put on the carpet, you need to brush them thoroughly so that there is no space between the fibers that are not cleaned. Brushing or scrubbing the carpet helps clean it thoroughly before putting it in the washing machine. After scrubbing and brushing it properly and cleaning the stains as much as you can, you need to put the carpet in the washing machine and let it get completely cleaned.

5: Let it dry completely and vacuum again

After the wash, you need to put it in the dryer to get rid of excess water in the carpet. This is not the last step of the cleaning process. After taking it out of the dryer, you need to let the carpet get air dried so that the moisture is out and you get the soft and comfy carpet that is ready to be placed badly in its position. Clean the area where you are going to place your carpet, and then vacuum the carpet again. Put your furniture, such as tables, chairs, ottomans, sofas, or any other furniture, over the carpet, and voila, you have a clean carpet in your room.

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Cleaning can be relaxing and easy when done step by step, and you can get a nice, clean carpet or rug with the steps mentioned in the list. If you clean and take care of your carpets, you can increase their life and use them for a longer time. Different kinds of ingredients are available at your house that you can use to clean your carpet, and some can help you remove the stains that appear on these carpets. It is not a tough job, as you get to use the machines that would do most of the cleaning. You need to use the right kind of products to help clean the carpet.