Couches are one beautiful eccentric piece that brings joy and depth to anyone’s drawing room. They are so dedicatedly crafted and customized to suit the needs of an interior that it reminds people of their diversity of usage and scope of inclusion. It is hard to imagine a home without a couch or a sofa set. They are an absolute need of a householder and hence, unskippable. One begins to think of their house through the drawing rooms and the very first thing that hits them is how the couch looks and if it is attractive to ‘draw’ in people. Here we have put forth 5 couch options that will go with 5 particular drawing room settings, for you to choose appropriately with your vision. Stay put!


  1. Slope-arm Couch

A sleek couch with a definitive outlook, it works best with modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, and minimalist decors. It focuses on the camouflage rule, letting other elements in the room shine brighter and bring out the various colors to ease the overall adeptness. The slope arms have steady armrests taking the shape of your natural arm in a resting position. To give a modern approach, it is made in lighter and neutral shades of polyester (can be made in leather too but would not fit in the aforementioned vision) to escape complexity. It is supported by a wooden frame but it’s your call to show. Pairs best with large windows, symmetry, textured, and bright décor items.

Slope-arm Couch

  1. Modular Couch

This couch style brings in more functionality as the space allows it to. Comprising many individual pieces, it can be inculcated creatively in a tropical, modern, and contemporary décor setup. It is very versatile and hence, can be worked out in any lavish or formal décor setup. There is a space for everyone because it is very accommodating. You can take a nap They work best in a brightened drawing space with textural designs and art pieces. Pairs best with high ceilings, warm lighting, and indoor plants.

Modular Couch

  1. Tuxedo Couch

Tuxedo couches are the ultimate elegant addition to your décor. They look stiff with a tall backrest and full-length armrest making a boxy appearance. It is diversely made with a variety of colors in polyester and can be dynamically used in different interior styles like modern, vintage, etc. This calls for an antique and embellished ceiling and impactful wooden furnishing. You can play with a powerful colored tuxedo couch and make it your center of attraction. Pairs well enough with symmetrical furnishings and little greens (if grey-toned or white-toned).

Tuxedo Couch

  1. Chesterfield Couch

This one is the most heavy-looking and loud type that you may not want to mess with. They create huge sophistication in a room through their cushioned back and fancy armrests. They come in polyester, leather, etc. Chesterfields in leather look grim and hence work wonderfully in bedrooms or dark-lit theatrical rooms. For the drawing room, the décor has to be well-lit, and hence, the toning down of the couch is vital, so prefer choosing neutrals. If you prefer a more formal room interior, grays and whites are a great choice. Working with brown-black leather can bring out a lot of shine which would be cumbersome to work in a relatively smaller space. Pair essentially with minimum impact glass/metal/wood home décor items.

chesterfield couch

When guests honor us with their presence, we try to draw them in with hospitality and a comfortable stay while the couches, with their inseparable ability to make their surroundings more static and permanent, provide the perfect indulgence to keep the conversations going. It is the couch that binds people together! Be it a couple, a group of friends, colleagues, cousins, or in-laws. If you made it to choose the right one for your home, you have quite effectively cracked the formula to create the perfect definition of home.