One of the easiest ways to decorate a room when you do not want to have a carpet and choose some hardwood floor is to use a rug to create some warmth and softness and add some patterns and texture to the room. You can easily remove and place it somewhere else or can even try to make new additions without thinking much. They are less of work than putting a carpet all over the floor and making the room turn out cozy and beautiful.

It is easy to put a rug in a room but it is a bit difficult to select the perfect one for that particular room. Some things need to be kept in mind while getting an area rug. Look at the list to know more.

Make sure that the rug is of the right size

One of the most common mistakes done by people when they buy or place a rug is that they get one that is either smaller or larger than the desired one. Before you buy one, make sure that get the measurements right and get the right sized rug for your desired room. Make sure that the area you need to cover is covered properly and you leave some space on the surrounding area of the rug so that it does not look like a carpet.

Try to play with colors and patterns

There is no harm in trying new things. Do not get afraid of trying new patterns and textures with a rug. Rugs add a new layer of comfort and warmth to a place and make it feel cozy. They also make the room vibrant and bright with the textures and prints they have. Area rugs are a better option as you easily change after some time. Play with patterns and make the room brighter and vibrant with the colors of the rug. If you have plain walls and furniture then you can go with some boldly printed carpet or some fluffy rug depending on the requirements of the décor.

Put one under the furniture

A rug looks extremely good when placed under furniture such as sofa, table, dining table or, bed. The area rug looks great when placed under the furniture and covers most of the area of the room. Place a rug in the living room and then place the furniture such as sofa, chairs, table, puffs, and others on the rug. This will make the place look tidy and stunning. Keep some space on all sides of the rug equally to make the rug be in the center of the room.

Do not put the most expensive rug in the hazardous regions

When you buy a stunning and expensive rug, you wish to place it where it can get the maximum attention or where it can be the focal point. When this makes the area look great it can sometimes be a disadvantage. Being the focal point and being in hazardous regions like the living room or the dining room can be a bit problematic. This is because the area is prone to food and if there is an accidental food spillage it makes leave some stains on the rug that may be difficult to remove.

Make sure you know how to clean and take care of the rug

When you buy a rug make sure you learn or get some knowledge on how to take care and keep the rug neat and clean. Rugs get dirty by the dust, dirt, spillage, or other material and require cleaning after some time. Check the instructions provided with the rug to know if you can clean the rug yourself or if the rug is easy to clean or not.

The list tells you about the things you need to keep in mind when you select and put an area rug in any room. Many things should be taken care of when you do so. Make sure to look for the one that goes with the look and décor. As you know there are so many different kinds of rugs having different patterns, shapes, and textures. Rugs are easy to put and when you get bored with the pattern or when you want a change, they are easy to remove and change as well. They are a better option if you are someone who keeps on changing things after some time.