The kitchen is that space in the house that is often neglected when it comes to decorating it. And over time it starts losing its appeal and looks very dull and boring. Which in turn results in us being all lethargic and less active while in the kitchen. Every corner in the house depicts a different story and holds a different importance. So it’s important for us to keep every space or corner being properly utilized and spruced up. Every space should be designed and decorated in a way that makes every second spent there more fun and relaxing and not dull and boring. And so should be the kitchen, it is that part of the house where we tend to spend most of our time making or eating food sometimes. But we often do not spend our time looking after our kitchen as much as we do with other parts of the house like the bedroom and living room. While changing the floorings or cabinets may come off as a little expensive thing, there a few other things that can instantly spice up your kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket.

Take some inspiration and incorporate a few changes to your kitchen using these ideas.

1. Change the hardware

Changing the hardware of your kitchen is one of the best ways to spruce it up. With time pulls, knobs and other hardware pieces tend to lose its shine and appeal which makes the kitchen look very worn out. Superseding them with fresh pieces will instantly bring in the change and make your cabinets and drawer look refreshed and new. There are many designs and colors available in them, from black and white to silver and gold. You can opt for ones that either matches the kitchen theme or acts as a contrasting layer.

2. Add a rug

Adding a rug to your kitchen floors is another great way to spice it up. You can opt for a layover rug. It comes with many advantages like covering up the dirty floors, especially if you are dealing with tile floors, acts as a cushion to your tired feet by providing them a soft base to land on. Most importantly it adds more color and pattern to the kitchen which instantly makes a kitchen look more welcoming and colorful.

If you are not into patterns and colors, opt for a neutral-colored rug with minimal pattern and you are set to go.

3. Bring in the plants

You cannot go wrong with having plants in any corner of the house. They have this immense capacity to transform even a dull space into a lively one. And when it comes to the kitchen, you can place as many of them as you want, but remember not to overwhelm the space. Add some green lush plants to the possible corners of the kitchen. You can also use some succulents and place them on the countertops or on the shelves of the wall if any. Plants also come with many advantages like they freshen up the air, reduces stress and many more great things. So you just have to have them in your kitchen.

4. Painting makes a change

Painting serves as a great way to make anything look new and freshen up. However, painting cabinets may not be as easy as it may sound. This process is a lot more tedious and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do so. If you feel like updating the look of your cabinets, go ahead with painting them and it will instantly make a huge change to the way your kitchen looks.

And if painting the cabinets is not your cup of tea, painting the walls of the kitchen is the easiest way to do so. Paint them any color you want as kitchen space doesn’t come with a lot of walls. So painting them even with a dark tone will do wonders to your kitchen.

5. Add shelves to the wall

Adding shelves to the wall not only offers functionality but also make a change to the way your kitchen looks. This especially comes handy when you are dealing with a small kitchen and need all the space your kitchen can come with. You can simply hang some shelves to the walls of your kitchen and use them to place some décor stuff or any kitchen item.