Furniture is the essence of any home and adds life to all our rooms and creative space. They are the foremost thing we think of buying after we have decided on the themes and wallpapers of our home. The designing of our home directly affects the type of furniture required. So if you are looking for something that will create a distinctive style and also add a dash of creativity, you are in the right place. Fancy furniture pieces call for a lot of different categories like chairs, cabinets, tables, multi-utility pieces, and other accessories. But what we cannot do without is the perfect seating. A perfect seating is not just defined by its designing, instead, it is designed by the utility as well.

What would you like to see every day as a part of your space affects your decision majorly. So, we have listed some of the most gorgeous modern as well as vintage pieces that will amp your space and you will love it even after years to come!

Butterfly Chair

A fancy butterfly chair, as the name suggests, is as flexible and folding as a butterfly. It is extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere for utility. If you are looking for something that can be placed anywhere easily, pick a butterfly chair because it is light-weight, stylish and very charming too. This one comes in a variety of designs and fabrics so you can pick anything that you like. The best part of this unique chair is that it is very easy to pick and move here and there. This is the reason for its appeal and the looks are definitely what you desire!

Sling-back Chair

Looking for some relaxation time? Well, then pick this slingback chair and set aside everything else. If there is one thing you can pick in furniture that provides ultimate comfort, then it is this unique chair. A slingback chair has a folding element to it so you can adjust it according to the comfort you are looking for. Pick your read, grab a cup of tea and relax in the best possible way on this slingback chair. It is loved in the wooden style so you can make your choice accordingly. Use this one for your creative corner, porch or even the garden area.

Bean Bag Lounge chair

We can’t really call this one a chair because it has no arms and legs. It is just one semi inflated piece of leather on which you can sit and feel relaxed. This bean bag is a fluffy chair that fills up when you sit on it. Otherwise, it is just a lifeless piece sitting in the corner of your room. A mixture of a lounge chair and inflated chair, this bean bag chair is a really cool pick for your house. Pick this in a pair and in bright colors to create contrast and add a chic vibe to your space. You can have a good read on this and even have it as a part of your house party with friends. It makes great utility for seating.

Ottoman Chair

An ottoman is one of the fanciest furniture pieces and it looks damn gorgeous. It has a velvety or cushion style base seating with similar fabric all around it. The best thing about this piece is that it aces in looks as well as utility. It is made from an extremely fine fabric like velvet or thick knitted ones to create ultimate flattering looks. Sometimes stones and beads are also embellished to create a fancy style. Then it has utility because you can store your essentials in this ottoman as well. Look for this storage piece in pastel colors, bright colors or even dark tones to create contrast in the living room or bedroom.

Vintage Rocking Chair

Another classic piece is this rocking chair that has been a part of our homes since forever. This rocking chair was duly used by our ancestors and today, it has been part of our homes as a decorative piece too. It reminds us of the olden days and we are glad for it. This rocking chair is a perfect lounge chair that creates a great pick for our fancy and creative corners. Pick it in any material you want-steel, wood or a mixture of both. Place a colorful pillow as a base and relax the day off!