A Headboard is a part of your bed that you use when you first wake up in the morning and the last thing your head rests on in the night. So when you are designing it, do it in a style that is unique and comfortable. Use some of the ideas listed below.

Floating laminate floor headboard

It is one of those ideas that would make your place look beautiful and elegant. Create a unique style statement by having a headboard made of laminate flooring. Have the whole wall behind your bed act as a headboard to make it mimic as a recycled wood wall. It would give out a gorgeous look, adding a warm and cozy vibe to your place. Keep the two bedside tables and the faux fireplace painted in a medium-density fiberboard texture to make it work in tandem with the overall design.

Frame Molding Headboard

Now it is again one of those ideas that would help you to add an elegant style to your space. Have an architectural look by using a molding and cutting it with a definition. You can use the molding of any material such as polystyrene, a hard plastic; medium-density fiberboard; wood. Then use your creativity to make it playful by painting it with a nice color shade. Make sure to cut it in the desired size that would fit your wall space. You need to nicely drill them to the wall to create a sleek look.

Wrought iron headboard

These are something which offers a vintage look that is smart and stylish. But these beautiful pieces can be quite expensive sometimes. You can easily find their replacements in online and flea markets or at places where outdoor furniture and fences are sold. They can prove to be a durable option and the one that requires less maintenance. Another advantage of the wrought iron material is that they are quite light and can be easily used in small spaces. Available in various patterns, they are easy to clean.

Global headboard

If you are a wanderlust and need to give your room an appearance that reflects your personality, then this is the perfect choice for you. Use the wall space behind the bed to cover it with a world map. It should be done from the floor to the ceiling that would serve as a main focal point for bedroom space as well as a headboard. The map would pull all the colors to your space and make it more playful. Make sure you have a smooth wall as these type of murals requires such surface. Flat Latex can be a good option to consider.

Wallpaper headboard

A simple, yet creative idea to use for your headboard. Add a wallpaper directly to the wall that would give a look of one. Like, if you want to have a pattern,  sketch it on one half and duplicate it on the other to have a symmetrical design. Prep the wall by removing all the dust and dirt. Fill the cracks if there are any and make it soft and smooth.

Chalk headboard

Create a unique look for your bedroom by dedicating a whole wall behind your bed as your headboard. Pint the wall by taking a can of black chalkboard paint. There are no constraints on what type of wall you should have. Any wall material from plaster to wood to brick would work if properly prepped. The best part is that this particular paint is easy to apply and it quickly dries out. Clean it with soap and water whenever required. Moreover, apart from black color, you can also use various other colors available. Consider the chalkboard contact paper if you don’t want to paint.