When it comes to home decor, the color palette plays a very prominent role for all the right reasons. The color scheme in every category should be duly studied and then decided accordingly. This is because it takes a lot of effort to undo things, so everything should be planned properly. One of the most crucial decisions one has to take is the choice of flooring- hardwood types and color tones. The right type of wood flooring in the correct color that matches the interiors of your home is a very crucial decision. Interior flooring is like a never-ending process- you keep on exploring options, you like everything you see but can’t have them all. As easily as we dwell into it, it is even more difficult to revert. So make your choice according to the trends that are timeless and will last for a long time in your gorgeous home.

We’ have some of the best trends in wood flooring that are timeless. You will not be bothered by their sight even after years. Pick them for the best makeover ever!

European Oak

You hear European and immediately start imagining something ancient and classic. And that’s true in this case as well. The popular European Oak is one of the finest hardwood floorings you will ever come across. It is classy, timeless and never fails to work its charm! It has successfully maintained its position as a premium quality hardwood flooring that has passed the test of time. You must have seen this flooring in olden days when it was used for luxury living palaces and expensive woodwork. It has still managed to maintain that reputation. Pick this one in light colors to add warmth and texture to any space.

Walnut Hardwood

This walnut flooring has the most fan following probably because of the color and texture it withholds. Hardwood flooring is always a classy pick and when it is walnut, you should know that will turn heads of every visitor you have. Walnut color is extremely attractive so you can pick it in your furniture styles as well. This one will add warmth and subtle color hues to your living area or bedroom area. Get this installed in shades of brown-light, medium or dark and feel closer to nature. This one reminds us of tree houses so this is definitely an alternative to get nature’s beauty in your home.

Charcoal Wood

You must have seen this flooring type in restaurants, hotel lobbies, hallway galleries and even on the stairs. As the name suggests, this is the darkest color possible in flooring because you can’t pick black obviously. This charcoal wood flooring is a pitch dark color with some shades of brown and grey to it. With this one, you can add a very macho look to your flooring and feel like you have conquered something. It has a lot of richness in color and that’s why you must create a contrast combination. If your walls are all white or beige, then choose this type of flooring. But if you have bright or graphic walls, then this might not be the best idea!

Colorful Hardwood

It is not necessary to pick your flooring in streamlined colors only. Beige, charcoal, shades of brown and white are all great options with a timeless appeal. But there’s something artistic with colorful hardwood. You can go for a mix and match of patterns and colors in bright tones to create a unique appearance. Your space will instantly brighten up with this one. Usually, this kind of flooring is seen in cafes, libraries, and funky restaurants. But you can always create a separate corner and fill it with creativity. Choose colorful patterns and bright tones to add character to your home. Although this is not timeless, but definitely trendy!

Grey Hardwood

This is probably the safest option in flooring. It has a timeless appeal to it and is also very trendy. With the most subtle colors in its curation, Grey hardwood has proved to be the best out of the lot. It gives a unique appearance to your space and even adds vibrancy. If you are choosing this one for your living area, you can even go with similar color couches with contrast tables and chairs. You can even pair white, walnut, charcoal furniture with this flooring and it will not disappoint you ever. This will pass the test of time and remain intact for years to come!