Ideas to Transform Your Home into a Fall Wonderland

Fall is just around the corner and it’s time we start decorating our house with all the fall décor stuff. As our house doesn’t feel all complete without a touch of fall theme to it. It evokes feelings of more warmth and coziness and makes the house look more welcoming.

It’s that season which involves warm colors, spicy and sweet scents, and other fall-inspired things. With how cold it is about to get you would surely want to make your house feel cozier and this can be easily done by incorporating fall theme to your house.

To give you some idea about how to make your house look fall-ready, we have rounded up a list of some easy ways that will go well with the theme.

1. Use pumpkins, gourds, squashes as decorative piece

pumpkins, gourds, squashes as decorative piece

Pumpkins, squashes, and gourds serve as quintessential decorative pieces during fall. The hue of these pieces goes perfectly with the fall theme and adds more drama and character to the rooms. From large-sized pieces to small ones, you can decorate your house with all different kinds and sizes of pumpkins. Place them on the dinner table, coffee table or side table, they look great no matter where they are placed. Use some vines or branches with it to make them look more dramatic.

For a more practical approach, buy pumpkins that can be carved later on during Halloween.

2. Use fall-themed pillows and blankets

Use fall-themed pillows and blankets

Another great way to add a fall theme is to use some fall-inspired throw pillows and blankets. Use colors like red, maroon, beige, golden and tan, to go with the theme. You can layer them together on your couch or on the bed, and you can also use a throw blanket to make it look more cozy and warm. Mix and match different patterns and texture to add more character to the room, but remember not to go overboard and make your arrangement looks more organized.

You can also use some pillows that come with fall quotes on it.

3. Use scented candles

When falls, it’s mandatory that your home smells of the fall season. It is a great way to make your home look more welcoming and fall-ready. Use some spicy, sweet and harvest-oriented candles like some pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon-scented candles. And when it comes to making your home look more cosy and lit, nothing can beat the power of some scented candles.

Just remember to blow them off, before leaving the space where they were placed.

4. Use fall wreaths

Use fall wreaths

Wreaths serve as a great decorative piece when it comes to decorating doors and other bare spaces. It instantly adds a more character and appeal to the space. So during the fall season, you can opt for fall-inspired wreaths to add to your front door any other part of the house. Purchase wreaths that come with certain elements like squashes, nuts or any seasonal fruits or veggies attached to it. You can also spruce it up using fall-coloured ribbons, fabrics, etc.

Apart from adding it to your door, you can either hang it above the fireplace or on the mantel, whatever looks the best to you.

5. Add pine cones to your décor stuff

Add pine cones to your décor stuff

Apart from pumpkins and other little things, pine cones also come in really handy during the fall season to be used as a decorative piece. So collect as much of them as possible along with a few branches and leaves, from your backyard or any nearby place. You can collectively place them on a tray along with scented candles or any other items. You can also choose to go a DIY way by painting them in fall colours to add more personal touch to the space.