Here are the Best Marbles for Home Decor

Italian marble is known worldwide for its exotic finish and beautiful shine. This is a major attraction for anyone who is yearning for glimpses of luxury in their lovely homes. It puts out a fissure-less finish on the marble and emboldens it with weight and edgy sharpness. The delicate veining sparkles in the eyes of the buyer, without a doubt. Following are some ways in which these can become a part of the home interior. Stay tuned!

1. Bathroom Flooring

An uncanny characteristic of Italian marble slabs is that they make the room more spacious and cleaner when compared with tiles or granite. This marble choice fits in bathroom spaces like a charm by acting as a canvas for bathroom accessories, bathtubs, cupboards, etc. Prefer straight-laid square marble flooring for the bathroom. This makes your bathroom feel roomier and more inviting. A minimalist interior must-have!

2. Kitchen Top

The kitchen forms the heart of the house. It binds everyone together. Wouldn’t that be nice if it appeared appealing to all? Yes, it would be great if it felt like everyone was welcomed and there was space for everybody’s love. Italian marbles with pretty gold or grey veining are good to go for when you are deciding on your countertop. The ones without any veining are preferred for the kitchen’s sink part. The great pairings would include wooden cooking spoons, steel cookware, a wooden knife holder, a black marble mortar and pestle, etc.

3. Bedroom Flooring

A striking variety of Calacatta marble (a variant of Italian marble) works beautifully in bedrooms when you are looking for depth. This eccentric pick brings out the ultimate volume of the place and accentuates the coziness of the bedroom. This marble type is so extravagant that it has been observed in many homes, covering its length and breadth with pride. It’d work great with accent lighting, blackout curtains, wooden furnishing, etc.

4. Stairs

Welcoming guests in a unique way! While they carefully climbed the glossy stairs, they were overawed by the elegant finish of marbles that has no match. Extensive use of Italian marble calls for an exquisite wooden or glass handrail to either create a beautiful contrast or make the stairs stand out alone. This graceful addition to your home is expertly coached on lavish style and décor. The marble stairs will be easy to clean and will never make a mess to trouble you. They will continue to shine throughout time with ambiance lighting.

5. Bathtub

Feeling extra luxe and can’t figure out which part should become your culprit? There is an option left for that mighty ideation. The bathtub. Yes, it can very well conceptualize luxury in your definition. The cuts can be smooth or show various layers of cuts. It is rich with intermittent textures that make the tub stand out when placed in a contrasting setting. This one is an expensive buy but surely stands the test of time.

Therefore, these creative ways of including Italian marble are truly worth it!


The honed finish of such marble will make cleaning easier and home decor clearer. This is why Italian marble is called an easy investment; you pay a lot, but you get a lot too. But once you are done with them, their pay-off remains strikingly good. So no second thoughts are hovering. Through these ways, you can add its magic to your home hassle-free. Happy decorating!