Beds are one of the most important parts of your home. They provide a place to sleep and rest while you prepare for the next day, or just relax after a long day at work.

It is no secret that nowadays, people are looking for the best possible deals on any and all of their purchases.

With this in mind, it’s not a surprise to see so many different websites dedicated to saving you money by offering discounts on products ranging from shoes to bedding.

But not all beds are created equal, and it takes some research to find the best bed for you. Luckily, we’ve done that research for you! Here is our list of 22 awesome places where you can find high-quality mattresses and bedding online.

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1. DreamCloud

DreamCloud offers a wide selection of mattress types to suit everyone. Unlike many other manufacturers, the company focuses heavily on the comfort aspect of its products.

DreamCloud mattresses are built with air and foam for customized comfort levels with a wide range of firmness options.

The company claims that its mattresses improve sleep quality because they offer pressure relief as well as a level of bounce that you can’t find in other brands.

The company’s website is very user-friendly and offers detailed descriptions of each mattress type along with images and videos to help potential customers make their decision.

There are also useful articles about sleeping tips and maintenance to help customers get even more value from their purchase.

  • 365- Night trials
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Financing Available


2. Puffy

The Official Puffy Mattress Site provides top-of-line mattresses and bedding. They also provide options in eco-friendly mattresses by providing hypoallergenic and chemical-free mattresses.

Their mattresses are made with breathable, 100% natural latex which is perfect for those who have allergies. They also have many great reviews on their website about how they stand out from other mattress sites.

By providing a variety of options, The Official Puffy Mattress Site caters to many different preferences. They have five-star quality mattresses that come with up to a 10-year warranty!

There is no competition when it comes to Puffy Mattress Site because they offer some of the best products available for purchase.

  • 101- night sleep trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Ships free in 7-10 business days


3. Nolah Mattress

The mattress for side sleepers in 2021

– Nolah, the best mattress for your body type

– Get a free trial today and discover how much better you’ll sleep tonight!

– Top rated mattresses of 2020 (side sleeper) and comes with 120 nights trial


4. Happsy

Get super happy sleep with Happsy, chemical free sleeping material for a happy sleep.

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5. Emma-Sleep

They are a family-owned business. Unlike the big mattress companies, they have control over every detail of manufacturing to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Their products are made with four layers of coils providing a better sleep experience.

There are many places to buy bedding and mattresses online, but their goal is simple: they want to be the best source for your bedroom essentials.

They carry a wide selection of quality beds in both classic styles and modern finishes. You will also find a fine collection of linens, pillows, mattress pads.

Emma-Sleep is a family-owned business. Unlike the big mattress companies, they have control over every detail of manufacturing to ensure that quality is never compromised.

These products are made with four layers of coils providing a better sleep experience. If you are looking for a quality mattress, then let’s get started!

Our products are made with the highest quality standards. We provide an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all of our mattresses, says Emma.


6. Otty

In the early 20th century, a company called Otty in Sydney, Australia began to produce mattresses.

The company’s motto is “sleep well and wake up refreshed” with their slogan being “make sleep your best friend”. All their products are manufactured in Australia that includes bedding sets, home furnishings, furniture, and mattress.

They pride themselves on providing an excellent range of quality products backed by customer care and service for commercial and residential customers.

They have 3 main product lines including Champion ranges that have limited availability through retail stores, Futon ranges that are available through retailers or online, and OTTY Sleep which features a variety of memory foam mattresses. Mattress in A Box UK | Memory Foam Mattresses


7. Ecosa

Ecosa® has been a leading manufacturer of quality bedding and mattresses since 1974.

They also offer top-notch customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help our customers save money so that the high-quality sleep products we provide are affordable for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a bed, mattress, or other sleep products, we invite you to check out what ecosa® has to offer. Ecosa guarantee that once you do so, you’ll see why our customers love us and keep coming back for more!

  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night trial


8. Ghostbed

More than 2 decades old company who know their not-so-spooky job well

This is the place to buy mattresses and bedding that are made with a combination of the latest materials for revolutionary cooling mattress technology.

They have a wide selection of luxurious mattresses, pillows, sheets, and more to make the perfect bedroom retreat at your home.

This is one of the best places you can buy your next mattress and bedding. They have a wide selection of products made with the latest in technology for cooling, comfort, and durability.

Their customer service is always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable no matter what question you may have for them on their products or services.

They specialize in providing great prices on mattresses that are built to last with innovative adjustable technologies to give you support from head to toe.

Try out their risk-free trial period offer for up to 100 nights at no cost. Great company with competitive prices! Not only do they provide quality products but also have some of the coolest sales around so be sure to check them out often


9. Ghostbed-Naturals

GhostBed Natural Mattress is made of all-natural materials, meaning no harmful chemicals.

They use a patented Cooling Gel memory foam layer that has a cooling eucalyptus-infused into it to keep you cool and comfortable.

GhostBed not only offers an affordable mattress, but they also have an excellent 20-25 years +warranty.

  • Absolutely free shipping and returns
  • 101-night totally free sleeping trials


10. Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep is a company that produces a very high-quality mattresses and bedding.

They have won many awards such as the 2016 National Parenting Award.

Idle Sleep also created this 18-month home trial so that people who are considering a purchase will be able to try it out before they buy it.

The goal of Idle Sleep is to provide both sleepers and partners with the best sleep possible. By providing customers with one of the finest mattresses, an optimal sleeping environment can be created.

This includes temperature, humidity, sound, and light levels. In addition to providing mattresses themselves, Idle Sleep also provides many other items for those in need of well-rested nights including sheets, pillows, blankets, and more!

  • America’s longest 18-month trial
  • Award-winning mattresses
  • High-rated


11. Molecule

MOLECULE Sleep is a company that has been in the sleep space for over 10 years, and they have a lot of experience with all different types of sleep.

MOLECULE Sleep offers mattress and bedding sets, complete bedroom designs, built-in storage solutions, decorative options, pillows, sheets, and other accessories that can give your bedroom an inviting look and feel.

They offer a wide selection of mattresses and bedding in various textures to accommodate all needs from back sleepers to side sleepers.

MOLECULE’s goal is to dramatically reduce the number of hours people spend awake at night by helping them achieve their best nights of sleep ever.

This company is dedicated to giving quality products and services at competitive prices


12. The One Bed

The One Bed has been able to produce a luxury bed sheet and mattress designed for lazy people.

The sheets are made to stay on the bed by themselves so the person is not required to make sure that they have tucked in the sheets.

It also takes the hassle out of making the bed by having a fitted sheet that stays in place.

Bedding is often an overlooked and forgotten aspect of bedroom décor but it can transform any room into a warm, inviting space with just a few simple changes.

Comfortable beds, designer pillows and quality linens will provide you with a good night’s sleep and encourage relaxation in your home. So, if you’re ready to invest in some high-quality bedding and want to.


13. Eco-Terra beds is a website that has made it their goal to provide sustainable bedding and mattresses for their customers.

They also offer a wide selection of products. You can find anything from organic queen-size sheets to natural latex mattresses.

If you’re looking for a place to buy high-quality bedding and mattresses, seems like the perfect place to shop.

  • 90- day trial
  • No-hassle returns
  • Free Delivery


14. Bear Mattresses

Bear Mattress is a mattress company that understands the importance of sleep.

It’s a mattress manufacturer that spends extensive time and money researching and developing the best products for your sleeping needs. They’ve been dedicated to producing eco-friendly mattresses with 100% organic cotton throughout, which is great for you and for the environment. Each mattress was constructed with comfort in mind; their materials are breathable so that air can circulate and keep you cool, perfect when it’s especially hot or cold outside.

The Bear Mattress is a 10″ gel memory foam mattress that provides all of this and more at an affordable price!

The most impressive part about it is how soft the mattress is – people who have had back problems, hip pain or soreness are finding that this product has miraculously made them feel better after sleeping on it just one night.

  • 100- Night risk free trial
  • Interest-free financing
  • Hassle-free easy returns


15. Tempur-Pedik Mattresses

The company was started by the Norwegian seamer, Peter J. Tempur, after meeting with a Swedish engineer named Fredrik Mandel.

The two of them spent the next few years developing what would eventually become Tempur-Pedic® mattresses.

Since then, they have expanded their market presence immensely – now offering everything from mattresses to bedding and sheets.

The name Tempur comes from the Swedish word tempere meaning to soften or temper, while Pedic is derived from the Latin word pedis meaning foot.

Therefore, it can be seen that Tempur-Pedic® was initially oriented toward helping provide older patients with comfortable feet while sleeping.


16. Luuna Sleep

Get very soft and plushy personalized pillows based on your sleeping type as seen on their website. Buy from there amazon link and enjoy sleeping today.

The company offers plush comfort guarantee and will help you to ward off discomfort present in normal pillows.

Machine-wash them for more comfort



Buy from an eco-friendly 100% organic mattress company.

The mattresses are made with Certified Organic Dunlop latex and organic cotton, making them completely chemical-free, which is a relief for those of us with asthma and allergies.

The company uses Certi-Pur US certified foams and all products are 100% GreenGuard Gold certified. The greenest mattress that I have yet to find on

Due to the latex, this is an incredible mattress for hot sleepers! Memory foam sinks in with your body throughout the night, allowing for a cooler sleeping experience than with a traditional memory foam mattress.

The latex is also incredibly sturdy and durable, meaning that the mattress will last longer than with other types of foams.

  • Free Delivery
  • 100-nights free trial


18. Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep offers some of the best mattresses and bedding for sale, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 365-night trial period.

The company has a patented ‘breathable’ foam that allows air to flow freely through the mattress, making it very breathable and cool on warmer nights.

Their mattresses are made from CertiPUR-US certified foam. Nectar offers an insane lifetime warranty on their beds.

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress, they might be what you need!

  • 365-nights trial
  • Lifetime warranty


19. SpineAlign

The company’s name is SpineAlign and it provides support and education to those suffering from pain.

According to SpineAlign, The path to better sleep is within your grasp. It all starts with a mattress and a pillow. With years of real-world testing, we’ve engineered these two products that we GUARANTEE will help you sleep better — or your money back!

The website is easy to navigate. You can find what you are looking for easily and select the type of product you want.

The products offered include mattresses, pillows, blankets, sheets, and more. You can buy products directly from the website. And, it is easy to return products if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


20. Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding offers complete mattress sets for all types of sleepers. There are different models and sizes to choose from. They can also be bought as single items or in packages.

NestBedding has a line of organic mattresses and natural latex mattresses that are made with plants and minerals. Additionally, they have mattresses of various materials such as memory foam.

Ana White has plans to build quality furniture and household items that are based on classic designs.

Additionally, the website has free instructions and videos for building these pieces. There is a large selection of bed frames, headboards, nightstands and dressers that can be built


21. PillowGuy

Pillow Guy Luxury Home Collection offers a wide variety of high-quality pillows to choose from.

They carry natural feather and down pillows, memory foam pillows, buckwheat hull pillows, and more.

If you’re looking for the very best in comfort and luxury, Pillow Guy is sure to have just what you’re looking for.


22. Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth makes great high-quality bamboo sheets and bedding that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Premium Bamboo Sheets and Bedding | Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth has searched the world for the very best bedding products, from pure wool and cashmere blankets to premium bamboo sheets.

We offer 100% organic, eco-friendly, luxurious, and sustainable bedding at affordable prices. Shop now for luxury sheets, duvets, comforters, pillows, and more!

  • Check their website for routine sales
  • 100 Night Sleep Guarantee
  • Semi-Annual sale – Get over 20-25% off Sitewide


If you’re looking to buy high-quality bedding and mattress, look no further.

This list of 22 websites will have the products you need at a price point that won’t break your budget.

We’ve also included some helpful links below for more information on these sites in case you want to learn more about them before making a purchase decision or if there’s one particular site that catches your attention.

In addition, we’ve provided brief descriptions so you can better understand what each website offers without having to visit it yourself first!

Buy one for yourself and see!

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