We all know that indoor plants are a very good and useful interior element. These plants are easy to maintain and decorate. However, sometimes there is not enough space present to keep a lot of indoor plants as one desire. What should one do then? Don’t worry, you can easily create some space for indoor plants by using a simple bare wall or any corner of the room. This wall covered with plants is what is known as a green or living wall. You can assemble the plants yourself or take help from a professional and create artwork.

If you want to have a green wall at your place then look for ideas on how and where one can plant the indoor plants.

1: The Kitchen

You can use the bare space available in the kitchen and utilize it as a green wall. Plant the leafy plants away from the stove. Having a green wall is an advantage to the interior as well as health. You can also plant some herbs and leafy vegetables in your own kitchen and use them whenever required. For example, basil or mint or maybe some tomatoes in a small pot. These are the ones you plant in some pot, if you install a living wall then try to plant the ones that have similar requirements in terms of water and sunlight.

2: Wall mounting the planters

One way to decorate indoor plants that have different water requirements on the same wall is to mount the pots into the wall. Here no plant is sharing the same soil or space and is using their own different amount of nutrients they need. These mounted plants beautify the wall and its surroundings. You can easily use this kind of living wall in any room in the house. Mount the pots into the wall and plant beautify plants in it. Decorate the area with some comfortable chairs and a table and you have your own little sitting area.

3: An unconstructed green wall

When you have a small corner in your house that is of no use, you can convert that little area into a plant gallery. Here you can mix and match. You install the planters into the walls of the corner. You can put some pots on the ground and can also hang some from the ceiling. All this will create a casual and comfy look and will add different textures and colors to the space. Make sure to know about the plants you are putting in the corner so as to know that they can grow and be there easily.

4: Wall art

This is a new form of artwork. This artwork consists of different types of mosses, some air plants, and other plants that do not need much care. The plants are placed in such a manner that they are noticed very easily when you enter the room. You can easily get one according to the theme of the room. These frames are made in all different materials from wood to metal. Select the one whose color scheme goes well with the room in which it will be installed.

5: Pegboards

This is a modern touch to the green wall. You can customize and place the plants on the wall the way you want. Pegboard makes it easy to install the planters and creates a tidy look. These can easily be bought from a nearby hardware store and is easy to install. All you need is a little bit of creativity to select the wall where it will be installed and the plants which will be planted on this board.

A green wall is all about creativity. You can create your own green wall in any shape and size, wherever you want to install it in the house or even outside of the house. Search for the best indoor plants to plant on the wall and make the interior look fabulous. Select the plants you like the most and can grow easily without much care or those who have similar needs as that of water and nutrients. Let those plants grow and create beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Not only do they make the area around them beautiful also provides freshness and good air. Select a bare wall at your house and make a green wall at your place.