In modern times when people are getting inclined towards sleek, minimal décor, there is one style that can be the complete opposite of it. That style is none other than the Victorian style. This style is everything but minimal. With heavy furnishing and a dramatic and warm interior, this style takes us back into the Victorian era. This is an ideal style for people who want a cozy, romantic, and grand interior in their house.

If you are a fan of the Victorian era and are intrigued by the décor where everything is grand and extra, then all you need to do is give the list below reading and get to know the main and important elements required using which you can style your home in this style.

1: Warm and dark colors

The Victorian era is all about luxury and grandeur and how else can one make the place look grand without warm and bold colors. This style is all about rich and dark tones such as reds, blue, gold, earthy tones, and sometimes even black. You will see all the different bold and heavy shades across different rooms in this décor. The panels and doors are made up of wood, heavy dark-colored wood to make the room dark and grand. The main colors used in the wooden accents and paneling is usually either mahogany, walnut, or poplar. These color tones make the place look rich and elegant.

2: Importance of patterns and textures

Detailing different patterns and textures was important in the Victorian era and so is in the Victorian décor. Every room in this style is decorated with different tapestries, wallpapers, and fabric according to the color scheme of the room. This style is known to be grand and extra and therefore some different wallpapers and fabrics adorn the walls of the rooms from ceiling to floor. The detailing in this era is extreme and they take proper care to mix and blend different patterns and textures into one room.

3: Rich and heavy furniture

The furniture used in this era is heavy and rich, being inspired by different eras such as rococo, gothic, neoclassical, and many more. The furniture is oversized and often placed close to each other. This can be a bit tricky to place the furniture properly as being large and placed nearby each other can convert the place from being cozy to being crowded in no time. Cushions adorn the sofas, chairs and multiple pillows are put together on the bed. Everything is grand and large in this décor.

4: Heavy Drapes

Windows in this style are adorned by heavy curtains and drapes that reach the floor. The windows themself are decorated with beautiful wooden frameworks and then these are covered with beautiful and long curtains. These curtains are heavy and are usually made of silk or velvet to add to the royal, grand touch. These curtains block most of the natural light creating the dark vibe famous in the Victorian style. The end of these curtains is sometimes decorated with tulle. All this adds to the elegant, rich, and luxurious aesthetic of this style.

5: Accessories

This style is all about heavy and lavish accessories and accents that adorn the room and the walls. Assorted ornaments, expensive vases with flowers adorning the table, lamps, statutes, and other rich and elegant. Heavy chandeliers adorn the ceiling and light up the whole room. Well-placed mirrors with luxurious frames and handmade work such as figurines, paintings, and other artwork decorate the room. Rugs, lamps, heavy drapes, and flowers give the room a classy and elegant look.

Now you know what are the main elements required in the making of a Victorian-style home. Victorian era and this style that is inspired by that era is all about grandeur whether it be in painting the walls, installing lights or accents, decorating the place with grand furnishing, or adorning the remaining space with indoor plants and flowers. This is the style of comfort and warmth and makes the person feel comfortable and cozy. You can add some touches, of modern designs when decorating your place in this style. Customize the style by your needs and requirements and make your home look lavish and homey.