From tiles to tubs to accessories, everything has become trendy in bathroom decor nowadays. There are so many dimensions in home decor that once you start exploring, there is no end. For a modish bathroom space, you will find tons of options that are trending nowadays and each one of them has the power to influence and add character to your space. Look out for these trendy designs the next time you are sprucing up your space. They will never fail your look!

Brass Finish

The latest trends in bathroom designs have made their way in our hearts for all the right reasons. The thing is that even if we spend 30 percent of our time in the bathroom, it should be a nice and warm place to be. Bathroom trends have become a thing and there is no turning back on the fact that they are an equally prominent part of our house. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom space with the latest trends, then this brass finish style will justify all your needs. The thing with brass is that it is vintage and so, it helps us relate to the bygone days. With a single brass frame or multiple brass touch in the bathroom, it is the easiest way to add a vintage vibe to your bathroom. Look for a huge frame of a mirror in a brass frame or cabinets in this same touch or even taps with golden brass look super gorgeous and add to the overall look. Brass finishes are simply a great way to add a little luxe to your life.

Rustic Bathtubs

Looking for a vintage-inspired look for your bathroom? Then what is better than adding those accessories that have the ultimate vintage vibe to them! The point here is to add as many vintage accessories as you like because they have a unique charm to them. This appeal makes the overall look of your bathroom elegant and also makes you feel like you are bathing in some palace. These royal feels have the power to reflect the character of your house and thus, are a must-have for your vintage style bathroom. This trend is not going out of style any sooner, so make sure you pick a nice rustic bathtub or a copper tub for your space.

Accent Lighting

The reason why lighting is given so much importance is that when it reflects on different areas, it casts different impressions. Any kind of lighting has the potential to add vibrancy to the house and thus, it is a must for your bathroom space as well. There is so much that you can so with the types of lighting available in this line. There are a lot of options and all of them are worth installing. Accent lighting is something that is used to create a sense of warmth and aesthetics in the area. It can be vanity lighting, ceiling lights or even under cabinet lighting. But whatever it is, all of them complement the architecture of your sweet home. To add a statement look to your bathroom, look for such fancy lights and make sure there is enough illumination always. Nothing can match this vibe!

Contemporary Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a thing whether they are for the living area, drawing room area or your bedroom space. The reason why wallpapers are put up on the walls is that they look pretty and add character to the house. There is so much that one can think of while choosing wallpapers. The color, texture, and design, being some of the elements. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom space with a trendy touch, then this should be your pick. A statement wallpaper with contemporary features is something unique and different from the rest of the area. If there is a need to add marbleized wallpaper, then you should do that. If there is a need to add a sequin and glamorous wallpaper, then you should add that to your space. Basically, just think what amps up your space and do that right away!

Differently-shaped Tiles

Another way to step out of the box and add character to your bathroom is to choose differently-shaped tiles. Regular tiles with those rectangular shapes are too mainstream and thus, should be avoided if you are planning a modish space. Differently-shaped tiles have a lot of appeal to them and immediately attract attention. The rectangle subway tile is literally getting pushed out of the way and newer funkier shapes like hexagons and scallops are coming into the picture. They add a chic style to the bathroom and thus, are a great way to give your regular space a modish look effortlessly. Opting for a shaped tile pattern is a great way to make an impact and you will not regret this one for sure.