As implied from the name ‘farmhouse,’ you definitely don’t need a farm to enjoy the privilege of owning one of them. What exactly is a farmhouse? It is just a type of house that has the ability to take us to the times when technology was not evading our lives and was not overpowering it. A place where you can enjoy a luxurious bath after the end of a tiresome day along with candles and books. What we are trying to say is, you can create this type of ambiance and style anywhere you want. You just need the correct plan and the right ideas. And when we talk about old-style, it definitely does not mean that it can’t be functional. The kind of equipment available today is so versatile that it can be used in various ways while having a retro-ish look. You can have a look that is practical as well as the feel of the farmhouse style. So below, we have mentioned some inspirational ideas you can use to create the bathroom of your dreams.

An accessible clean master bath

As we are saying, that you can have a farmhouse style that can give you the necessary elegant factor with the correct amount of accessibility. And the look we are discussing about right now includes a beautiful freestanding tub that is set up in the background of neutral colors with a trendy shower stall and smart paneled walls. Put up the tiles that are wainscotted to add a bit of rustic touch to it — spice up the idea with earth tone accents, wall sconce lighting, and flowers.

Have bold-patterned tiles

Now, as we move from the bathroom equipment to the wall decor part, what you can do is, pick the black and white patterned tiles. Put them on your wall along with some elegant mirrors, gorgeous light fixtures, and hardware made of brass with the classic white sinks. They would provide you with a wholesome look. Additionally, try to incorporate open storage in the form of a rough wood cabinet for a rustic touch along with open shelving.

Vanity of the same style

To gain the charm of a farmhouse style bathroom and to have the personality that suits it, you should add a desk turned vanity in your typical modern bathroom. Try to pick the vanity in a dark shade palette. It would act as the perfect option to complete the look of your space. In addition, have a vessel sink, a green plant for a natural touch, and a French mirror for the extra touch of elegance.

A sink with wood-tone and a blue background

You would find most of the farmhouse bathroom in a classic white color. So when thinking of doing something completely out-of-the-box, the first thing to try changing is the color palette. Incorporate a gorgeous blue-and-brown color scheme with the help of wood trim, a nice dark brown vanity, and, of course, the walls ina blue tone in the background. Amplify the whole look by adding sconce lighting in the old-style. Even some plumbing fixtures and an elevated rear backsplash would enhance the overall appearance.

Add a vessel sink for a dreamy look.

To have a bathroom that looks like something musing and dreamy, feature wall-mounted plumbing hardware; a flat, square vessel sink; a DIY over-the-toilet storage rack. Add in wall sconce lighting fixtures and a wicker accent basket in the background of a neutral color palette to add to the aesthetic value. And if you add simple natural wood furniture, it would look fabulous. Select every element that suits the country’s look.