Windows add to the beauty of any room and make the place spacious and bright by bringing natural light into the room. But what comes after you built windows, the part where you dress them. Dressing a window means installing blinds, curtains, shades, etc, on your window to enhance the décor of the place. Right window treatment makes the room look better and uplifts the interior of the room whereas choosing the wrong window treatment can make the room look less kept and tidy.

Do you want to know about different types of window treatments you can install in your house in different rooms and make the place look tidy then look at the list below to know more about different types of curtains, panels, blinds, etc?

1: Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are the ones that are translucent or semi-transparent curtains that allow most of the light to get through them. These curtains are usually used in the living room or the room that you want to make look spacious and bright and at the same time the room that requires the least amount of privacy. This curtain makes a soft vibe in the room by bringing most of the light in but at the same time keeping the room cool and bright.

2: Blackout curtains

These curtains are the exact opposite of sheer curtains. As the name suggests these curtains are used to block most of the light and to avoid heat coming inside the room. These curtains are made up of very thick material and are lined by a decorative material such that they look good and fulfil their purpose both at the same time. They keep the room dark. These curtains block not only the heat coming in from outside but also the cold wind coming through the window. They are perfect for the place where you want minimum sunlight.

3: Blinds

Blinds are often used in today’s time, in both professional and personal surroundings. You can see horizontal and vertical blinds in offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and many other places. The difference between the two blinds is that the horizontal blinds are made up of either metal or wood and the vertical blinds are usually made up of PVC. Dust gets accumulated on the horizontal blind whereas the vertical one stays clean and does not collect dust as the horizontal one. These blinds do not block sunlight to the maximum and thus are not considered as an ideal window treatment for bedrooms.

4: Shades

The most commonly used shades are roman shades and honeycomb shades. Roman shades are the ones that are made up of fabric and which when folded, folds in big pleats whereas the honeycomb shade got its name due to the fact that when folded they make a honeycomb sort pattern from the side. These slides are perfect to block sunlight in a room. You can get all different colors and styles according to how much light you want in the room. You can adjust the amount of light you want in a room by adjusting the shades. These are good for all rooms.

5: Double rod treatment

Double rod treatment means using two types of curtains on one window. This helps in adjusting the amount of light required in the room. Usually, the curtain towards the window is a sheer curtain that allows light to flow inside and keep the room bright during the daytime and the curtain toward the room is one made with a thick fabric and is lined with a piece of decorative fabric to match the décor of the room. This way you can have both sunlight and privacy whenever needed.

These are some of the ways you can style your windows and make the room look spacious and bright. All you need is the right window treatment for your windows. Match them according to the theme you decorated the rest of the room. You can choose curtains according to the color scheme you are going after in that particular room. Select them according to the privacy required in the particular room. Get yourself the best window treatment and make the room bright with the natural light falling into the room.