Every room in your house looks 10x prettier with gorgeous windows. Windows are a way to let that natural sunlight come in which makes the room look even radiant and brighter. If you had to renovate your house the right way, we would recommend making space for a lot of windows. They should be added to your bedroom, kitchen, living room as well as the drawing-room. There are countless designs to choose from that can easily brighten up your house. Have a look-

Entry Door Windows

The best way to add a transition to your space is to add windows next to the entry door. This way you are able to create a unique look for your entry house and thus, reflect a lot of drama right the start of the house. The thing about these adjacent windows on both sides is that since they are verticle, they make the door look even taller. Moreover, any well-designed entryway can add to the overall aesthetics of the house. If you are up for this revamping of your front area, then we recommend picking long entryway windows and thus, casting a great first impression for your home. Also, through these entry windows, you will be able to see all the greenery outside and let the sunlight pour in perfectly.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add to the interior as well as the exterior of the house. As pretty as they look from the inside, they look even prettier on the outside. These bay windows are a great way to revamp the overall look of your house and projecting a classic built on the outside. A set of windows that extend outwards from an exterior wall, there are so many areas in the house where you can install them. Prefer doing this next to the garden area or the pool area. You can also do it near the balcony to have a clear view of the sky. A seating place is also added on the inside to sit and enjoy the view. As the name suggests, these windows are usually in a semi hexagon and boxy form, projecting only three sides, thus looking like a bay. With these windows, you can have the most stunning views outside, let the natural light pour in and snuggle on the seating next to it.

Dormer Windows

If you wish to bring attention to a certain area of your house on the exterior, then these windows are the best idea to do so. Another reason to do so might be to add a heightened element to the house and make it look like a fairytale house. Dormer windows are usually a roofed structure with bricks on each side and a hut-like shape with one window on the front. This high-pitched roof can accent the look of your house from the outside and make it look even more attractive than it already is. They are commonly seen in uphill houses for the chimney system but nowadays, regular houses have also started adding this to the construction of their house for decor purposes.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows, as the name suggests, are those windows that are installed at a height in the house to let the natural light pour in the most beautiful way. Since they are placed on a height near the roof, they do not even block the walls or disrupt the privacy of the people inside that particular room. The idea is to have bigger skylight windows so that all the possible light pours in from there. Great for ventilation, these windows are a great source of natural light in rooms such as an attic that does not have sufficient height for placing regular windows. You can show off the roofline with these gorgeous windows and add warm aesthetics to your room. Also, they can be installed in wood and victorian frames for the most amazing styles.

Clerestory Windows

A clerestory window is typically found at the top of the wall, way above the eye level. It is near to the roof and thus, makes way for light in the best possible way. A single window or a series of windows together make this Clerestory window. The idea behind installing this in the house is to not compromise on privacy and still bring in light in the most prominent areas. You can have them in your living room as well as the kitchen for the right amount of light. Both these areas encounter a lot of foot space, therefore they need as much light too. Also, you can have a view of the beautiful sky too, so make sure you add these to your gorgeous house for perfect interiors.