For a tidy and neat bathroom, you need to practice some hacks and tricks. None of these tricks are scientific. They have been curated keeping in mind the utility and functionality of every little thing you need in a bathroom. If you are ready to revamp your space with these organizing ideas, then these tricks will help you for sure! This way, you will know exactly where all your products area and save a lot of time and space!

Hanging Shower essentials

As the name suggests, this is a definite space saver. Basically, all your shower essentials should be stacked up in one corner. This will save space and time as well. Wherever you are going out, you usually spend a lot of time looking for your tools and creams, shampoos and conditioners. This is because they are scattered in different places and do not look organized. This adds to the overall messy look of the bathroom. So, to avoid this you must use a hanging cabinet for all your shower essentials. You should place all of them in one corner and hang them on the knobs for a neat look. If your shower area doesn’t have built-in shelves, then a hanging organizer with tiered shelves will help you curate this look. It organizes the bathroom perfectly and also adds vibrancy to the bathroom aesthetics.

Storage Baskets

Another way of organizing your bathroom the correct way is to use some storage baskets in different sizes. The reason we have mentioned different sizes is that they should be chosen according to the space you have. If you have space for multiple baskets, then you can choose different sizes and place them for a great look. If you have a smaller area, then you should pick one big basket to store all your essentials. These storage baskets are usually used for those purposes and things that you do not need at frequent intervals. For example, throwing away damp towels. This can be used perfectly for this purpose. Pick them in raw jute style to add to the overall decor of the bathroom. It looks pretty and has functionality too. You should never compromise on style!

Corner Shelves

Who said you only had to add cabinets and wall shelves to your bathroom? You can add corner shelves too and they look super gorgeous if you ask us. The reason is that anything placed in one corner of the bathroom adds to the overall look and also takes very minimal space. This corner will accommodate everything petite that you might lose otherwise. You can place your shower essentials and creams in this corner. All those things that you need frequently must be placed in this corner. These corner shelves can be placed in flattering designs like glass shelves, wooden shelves, colored patterns and what not! Everything is at your discreet, so make use of this tip and choose the best corner shelf for your bathroom space.

Rolled Towel Rack

Instead of hanging your towels you can try something different. Why stick to mainstream ideas when you can rush through your thought process and curate something different for your space? A towel rack is something every bathroom has but if they are hanged on it, it looks like a lot of space has been occupied already. So, to break that illusion, simply roll your towels and place them on the rack. This gives a very neat and tidy look to the bathroom and also saves a lot of space. This idea is definitely a great one for every bathroom space whether it is a big one or a small one. The towel holders can turn out to be of multi-utility because you can use it to place your after-shower clothes too.

Hair station

Everything kept aside, this hair station is the ultimate pick for your bathroom space. All your hair tools can be placed in one corner and then you won’t have to worry about looking for them right in the nick of time. The best thing about this hair station corner is that it is not only utility-based but also looks pretty. It is highly feminine and thus adds a charming vibe to your bathroom space. Place all your essential hair tools like straighteners, curling iron, clips and pins in this station and curate the perfect corner. This organizer is also a great thing to store the heated tools to ensure that you can safely store them without any damage. Have this as a part of your bathroom and you are done!