The gothic decor has a bit of scary touch to it. There is a prominent use of black color along with the accessories and decorations used in it. You have to be an adamant lover of this style to use it in your bedroom. This might be overwhelming for some people and thus it is important that you get to know this style properly and then plan to style the room in this decor. There are a lot of victorian decor influences in this along with the high use of dark colors with a little touch of some pastels to balance things in the room. Gothic style is a vast concept and thus you need to look for the styles that would be best for you and your room.


1: Black Theme

As mentioned before, there is going to be a lot of black in the gothic decor. You can use this color as the main color for the room. You can paint the walls with this color or can get wallpapers, tapestries, bedding, bedsheets, rugs, and furniture in this color. You can also go for the headboard in this color along with all the furniture to add the maximum gothic touch to the room. Make sure to use this color in a balanced manner so that the place does not feel overwhelming.

Black Theme

2: Magical Wallpapers

This style has a lot of magical, spiritual, and celestial prints and patterns used and thus you can use these prints in decorating the place. You can look for a similar wallpaper that you can then adorn the walls with. These wallpapers look magical and add charm to the room. If you cannot go with the idea of decorating the place with wallpapers then you can look for some tapestries and place them on the back of the bed. Get a rug and other elements in this theme as well.

Magical Wallpapers

3: Antique Decorations

Antiques are used due to the influence of victorian decor in this style. Thus when you are styling your room in a gothic style you need to invest in good antiques. These can be used to decorate the house and make the place look super chic and stylish.

There are so many antiques that you can find in a thrift store that can be used such as frames, decorations, side tables, charms and so many more. Get creative with these antiques and create a wonderful room. These antiques help you add charm to the room.

Antique Decorations

4: Mirrors With Dark Frames

Adding more to the gothic vibes in the room, you can use the elements that would add to the gothic and victorian aura such as mirrors. Mirrors are a piece of decor that can work in all kinds of styles and aesthetics no matter what. All you need to look for is the frame used as that would make or break the entire look. You can go for a vintage frame by taking color and decorating it for the mirror.

Mirrors With Dark Frames

5: Spooky Touch

The gothic aesthetic has a spooky vibe to it and you can add these elements to your room. You can decorate your room with spider web prints, bat cutouts, celestial wallpapers, web rugs, witch hats, brooms, and all the other things that can be used in a spooky setup. This creates a very gothic vibe in the room. You can use dark curtains to make the room get minimal light for the effect.

Spooky Touch

These are some of the ways you can have gothic elements in your house that would help you create wonderful decor for your bedroom. You need to look for all the different kinds of things you can add to your bedroom to make it look gothic and stylish. This style is super stylish and has a lot of detailing going on that would make it look stunning. The list above tells you some of the elements that you can use in the bedroom, you can always add your touch and your style to the place along with the decor style that you like the most. Enjoy elevating the way your room looks.