A new season calls for a new makeover, and since fall will be here in no time, giving your home some refreshing update is all you need to do right now. Granting, many of us spent most of our time staying trapped inside the home during the lockdown, it makes sense to feel bored of your space after having to stare at the same rooms and decors for months. The arrival of fall/winter is just the perfect excuse for you to channel your inner interior designer and utilize all the spare time you have got to redecorate your house and make it appear more fall-friendly.

If you are a firm believer in trends and like to keep your space designed in a modernized and trendy way, then you might find this article to be of some use as we have highlighted some of the best fall interior decor trends of 2020 that will give your space a boost of vibrancy and make it appear visually more appealing and aesthetic. If you’re up for the change and have the desire to make the most out of the remaining months of this year, giving your home a mini-makeover is probably your safest bet.


Handcrafted pieces

Boredom can be hard to kill but not if you know how to utilize your time properly. Ever since the lockdown was imposed, in order to kill time, many of us indulged in various forms of activities, such as cooking, painting, art and craft, and much more. And if you are someone who enjoys being an artist and finds joy in painting and crafts, now is your time to shine and showcase your talent. Instead of finding decor pieces for your rooms at the stores, you can create some of those pieces by yourself. In addition to adorning your rooms, these unique and handmade pieces will also add a personal touch to your space.


Textures and colors

Looking to give your rooms a new lease on life? Textures and colors will make this job a lot easier. Incorporating a variety of textures and colors in your rooms is an impeccable way to give your space a gorgeous update. No matter if you want to keep things minimal or maximal, either way, it would make a significant difference to your rooms. You cannot have any best pairing than these two to create a maximalist ambiance, and when it comes to keeping things minimal, you can do it by using some textures and colors on your sofas and pillows, this will help to add some character to your living space.


Layered lighting

Give your space a sense of normalcy and tons of brightness by using a layered lighting approach to illuminate your space. Layered lighting involves multiple types of lighting that help to create a well-illuminated and balanced space. It is an aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate your space thoroughly, and in addition to serving the actual purpose, these layered lighting also amp up the appearance of the entire room and serve as amazing decor accents. You can choose among a whole range of options, stick to the ones that will add a glam touch to your room, such as wall sconces and vintage brass candlesticks.


Add a hint of nature

Adding a touch of nature inside your space can do a lot more than making your space appear aesthetically appealing. Anything that offers a sense of calmness and hints of fall would make for an excellent choice to be included inside your space. Nature can heal you in ways that you don’t know; adding some natural elements inside your home will bring you close to nature and create a very soothing environment at the same time. Flowers or foliage that helps in providing the feeling of fall would make for a fantastic choice.