Colors can instantly uplift up or downgrade one’s mood. Just as one’s aura is enlightened by the undertones of a personality. The same is with the four walls of a room. Color is an arena that needs to be studied and chosen wisely. The color palette has a psychological effect on the human brain. Teenagers are the one whose mind is always on the brink of shifting emotions at a very minimal pace. It is pertinent that proper heed is to be given while choosing a particular shade of a color. For the young youth, whether it is a car or phone or clothes or watches, all should have a color that goes well with your vibe and aura. So, always choose wisely!

Here is a list of the colors that are and will be trending this year.


Peppy Purples

The eclectic purple has the power to soothe down the unsettled mind. In a world where everything is uncertain, a sense of reassurance is what the youth needs today the most. Purple provides a sense of optimism and caters to the need of one’s personality and aura. Serenity and calmness are what will be emitted and spread around if you use this color as your color of the year.


Ocean Colours

If you are a water baby and water is your, go-to therapist, the ocean tones are the best suitable options of color you can go for. Energize and proliferate your mental ability and capacity. Escape the harsh realities through the versatility of the oceanic blues and feel the sense of aplomb through the hues of the oceanic colors.


50 hues of Grey

Matte or shiny grey never disappoints you in any form. Some say grey is dulling but everyone does not know that the dullest of all brings out the best of all. It complements the existence of the other things that are around it. Paint your walls with any shade of grey and add a piece that appeals to the naked eye, and see the magic happen on its own.


Emanate Credence with the Yellows

The warmth is what the youth of today lacks, they need a sense of protection and want to make sure that they are not alone and are safe. The yellow color has the ability to lift the mood, fill the room with energy and optimism. According to the color specialists a color has the ability to affect your mood and ability to perceive things. The confidence is what the youth of today lacks, so go for the yellow and get high on the mellow.


Dynamic Pre-winkle Blue Hue

This Pantone color of the year is the most awaited and the most eye-catching color of the year. This color has vivid undertones of violet-red which is alluring and captivating. As the name itself suggests the nature of the color, it goes hand in hand with the personality of the youth. It complements the waves of emotion they go through at this tender age.


Citrusy Orange

Orange is the color of youth, optimism, charisma, perseverance. It is a color that compliments the personality in every possible way. It instills the concept of hope within the minds of the youngsters. It gives them a sense of satisfaction that they are always running for. Various oranges-based themes are in trend which is interesting and regaling.
Go vibrant with orange.


Pink is in

With gender-neutral everything in today’s era, pink is no longer regarded as only a girl’s color. It is for all the genders that exist on the spectrum. The sophistication of the color brings out all the subtleness that is embedded. It has the right amount of power that is needed without overpowering the entire aura of the room. Serenity is the utmost and the most adore significant feature of this color. It not only stands out but compliments the other colors as well. So pairing with pink will never out-link.

The modern era with the advent of science and technology has brought about many inventions and creations, but the most important things that everyone has forgotten about are mental peace and self-care. Everyone needs to listen to their inner selves and not put a burden on them. The concept of color is something that is around us all the time. The human brain tends to annotate and visualize each and everything they encounter. So does the youth, the young minds need to start looking after themselves by starting giving attention to the tiniest of detail.