New year gifts are capable of making your loved one feel extra special amidst a warm and welcoming environment. What should be your calling for a new year extravaganza without a playful inclusion of many gifts? It is hard to even imagine that. The same is impossible without carrying anything to decorate the place. It feels good to think of your house as well as of your guests. We know well that everybody appreciates a warming new year’s décor.

Have a look at some of the cutest New year gifts to buy from Africa. Get your checklist ready with these suggestions for the upcoming holiday season.

  1. Beadwork Trees

Beadwork is the local craft of Africa and is extensively used to make jewelry and products for decoration. The same local craft finds its representation in the preparation for new year decorations like your garden. They could be a beautiful souvenir to gift someone. Beadwork inspired by plants comes in small sizes and can be hung around the house and your balcony with pretty greens around. These small and artsy trees are packed with beads of different colors.

garden decor

  1. Beadwork Study Décor

Study room decorations always ask less for more impact. Here comes the traditional Zulu artwork showcased on the simplistic décor ornaments in the form of balls that look like heavy crystals. These balls are entirely made of beadwork or covered to look colorful and superbly textured. The trees of your house or the study racks/cabinets can be well-loaded with balls of different designs, shapes, and beading. They look so cute and at the same time give a different cozy feel to the house in a quirky way.


  1. More Ethnic Ornaments

Ethnic ornaments are a great way to show your love. It is handcrafted and made with natural ingredients most of the time. If you like to be extra thoughtful, opt for things made out of pure love and grace and infused with the locale essence. Your friends and family will appreciate that you brought them souvenirs from the destination. Women have a lot of jewelry options to explore in Africa. These are always great when bought from the local markets of Africa.


  1. Handmade Stockings

Stockings are everywhere when we talk about beautifying a pre-Christmas home. One can buy many other types of festive stockings that are woolen and knitted but only the handmade ones would always stand out. They have a homely feel to them that can not be compared to anything you buy from the usual fancy marketplace. When in Africa, you can easily stock up on plenty of handmade stockings that have cute patterns filled overall.


  1. Animal Ornaments

Ornaments can be of different kinds but the one showcasing Africa’s natural beauty naturally stands out. When you are looking for cutesy items to gift someone, consider doing away with animal statues made and carved in wood and painted for a realistic look. The patterns are drawn further to bring out the special features of the animal that is so made. You can have a collection for yourself or gift a kid some!




So these were some decorative new year gifts you can use when you want to gift some loved ones. These ornaments can only be procured from the local markets of Africa so you would be collecting them when you are on the beloved continent around the holiday season. The pleasure of it is unparalleled when compared to local shopping for the mainstream shopping list for new year. You will be looking at the festival from a different perspective and you will be contended looking for things that are unique in outlook and approach. Have fun buying cute stuff!