The kitchen fills our home with warmth, not necessarily with some cooking going on. But many of us would like it more synonymous with mother nature. This feeling is not odd and is well-shared by householders all over the world. This vision is especially shared by those who have to create everything from scratch. The idea that developed from this kind of furnishing style resembles what we call today as a ‘rustic’ style. It includes many earthy and woody elements which have probably drawn you as a reader to have a look at the following points, hoping to get educated about how to transform your kitchen into one. Hang in there!

First, you should decide on what should be the tone and appeal of your kitchen, do you want it to be more contemporary or more artistic? From here, everything will fall into perspective.


  1. Weathered Wood

Weathered wood is very textured, non-shiny wood that is a well-loved component of the rustic kitchen concept. Also, has a rough texture and comes in different colors. The benefit of using this type of wood is to add more density while staying with the shades of nature, nothing fancy or complex here! The main object of summing up your kitchen with wood is to create an impression that everything has come out of the resources available in the wilderness which is why the resource was extensively used to create whatever was needed in the kitchen. This is why it fits perfectly here.

Weathered Wood

  1. Accent Lighting

This lighting style helps to bring out the different textures of your kitchen interiors. Hence, this will prove to be an effective tool for making your kitchen more elaborate. The lighting need not fill the whole space, only dripping its antiquity where it hangs, to sum up, the profusion with its prettiness. Baroque lighting is a great feature here, and often comes bulky as a decorative piece; however, it completes the look and is drop-dead gorgeous.

accent lighting

  1. Kitchenware

It is very important to take care of what kinds of utensils, containers, and other kitchenware you want to include in your kitchen when you want to achieve this. Remember to overdo bamboo, clay, and wood in your utensil collection. Embrace textured clothing for your kitchen that is not fancy but intricate and bland so that it is subsumed in its environment.


  1. Chimney

Chimneys give out the ultimate rusty vibe. The medieval-style kitchen chimneys and ovens are a great addition to such a kitchen as they will quickly amp up the warmth that you are looking for in your kitchen. They will fill up the space and complement well with your wooden furnishing when done in stone or old metal. Do not worry if this will be an extravagant thing to do, the sizes and textures do vary, and apply accordingly.


  1. Matching Furnishing

Proper furnishing is fundamental to any interior design, especially in a rustic setup in which the furnishing has to be perfectly synchronized in style and depth. Such matching furnishing ideas would include your kitchen cupboards, dining arrangement (if any), and panels for walls and ceilings. Working haphazardly with every wooden texture you like would end up creating a mess of what you envisioned before starting in this direction.

matching furnishing

Rustic is, indeed, sophistication in wood, but many like to incorporate rich and exotic granite countertop that balances the tone of their overall kitchen interior. You’ll need to work a lot on what fits where but keep in mind to always keep the space more filled than a minimalistic kitchen panorama and the arrangement should be such that puts forth various elements of rusticism in perspective giving out more light and deeper natural colors. This will surely bring life to your kitchen setup.