When it comes to your bedroom decor, there are certain things that tend to take the center stage in the space; mainly the bed, mirror, dresser, and nightstands. While they certainly play a vital role in putting the whole room together and make it look functional but not hanging the curtains can just be the missing element in the whole bedroom. They can instantly elevate the whole appearance of the bedroom only if chosen the right ones. Choosing the right curtains for your bedroom is really important as they can easily break or make the room, so it’s up to you how smartly you do the selection and make things work favorably for the room’s aesthetic. Curtains might not take a whole lot of space in the room visually but they certainly can influence the way your bedroom appears. Dressing up your windows might just take the decor game of your bedroom to a top-notch level and when you have plenty of options to choose from, it wouldn’t hurt to work on those windows and treat them with some of the most beautiful curtains available out there.

To give you some inspiration, we have rounded up a list of bedroom curtain ideas that will instantly elevate the whole appearance of the space.

All white floor to ceiling drapes
White drapes are probably the easiest and most elegant way to dress up your windows. They look visually retreating and add certain freshness to the room; making it appear very airy, breathable and spacious. No matter the decor style of your bedroom, white drapes look incredibly stylish in each case especially if they go all the way up from floor to ceiling.

Fringe curtains

If you have got bored of treating your windows with those regular looking curtain or drapes, the fringe curtains might just be the way to spice things up in the bedroom. Seamed edges of the curtain may create a very sleek and polished appearance, but curtains with little detailing on the edges sound really exciting and interesting way to up the decor game of your bedroom. Hippy-chic and laid back appeal are the two things you can expect out of these curtains. If you are not able to find one of these curtains at the stores then you can easily get them customized on your own, you just need to purchase a fabric and find a good tailor to get them made.

Sheer white curtains
You will find white curtains in a lot of bedrooms and one of the many reasons for people incorporating such curtains in the bedroom is their ability to make the space appear more refreshing and open. Apart from that, many people also choose to opt for these sheer white curtains for lighting reasons. For people who want to cover their windows but still want some amount of natural light to be reflected in the room, they can swear by these sheer curtains. Due to their light and breathable appearance, the bedroom feels very airy and fresh.

Pom-Pom lined curtains

Plain curtains may look all sophisticated and clean but they can easily start to look boring. While there are plenty of other options you can experiment with in your bedroom but nothing look as playful and chic as pom-pom lined curtain. They have this happy and bubbly vibe to them which can work wonderfully in a modern bedroom. Again, if you can’t find such curtains at the stores, you can get them customized or you can just do it yourself by adding a pom-pom border to the edges of the curtain in the same shade.

Bright colored curtains

Trends tend to get tired in no time and it’s not easy to keep the decor of your bedroom up-to-date all the time. If your bedroom is craving for a little makeover or upgrade than doing something as small as swapping the curtains with bright colored ones will do the trick for you. The pop of color they will add to the bedroom will spice things up in your space like nothing else. Those bright curtains may not physically take a lot of space but they will stand out very nicely against the decor of your bedroom.