A first impression is the last impression, is an age-old proverb, and yes to some extent it is right. However, even if it is half right, real estate agents do their stuff, even in the already prettier rooms.

They want the first impression to be a long-lasting one.

This is analogous to looking at the best version of ourselves before a first date similarly glamming up your home is important before a potential buyer buys it.

It is important to tell that home staging has become a new industry unto itself!

However, this should not downgrade you as it is relatively easy to implement some soft techniques to make your home picturesque by simple methods that are shared and recommended by some of the top real estate agents the most critical home staging strategies.


Less is more so Declutter Rooms

Yes, Declutter all rooms. Throw any non-useful item out or like moving a superfluous side table that is likely taking space in a high-traffic area.

Reduce the collection of your antique vases to 1 or 2.

It is all about the careful editing to remove unwanted stuff and add only required stuff that is crucial later down the key.

Agent Michelle Ficarra at The Agency Real Estate in Los Angeles agrees, suggesting that “you also hide family photos and knickknacks. When personal items like this are removed, it’s easier for a potential buyer to imagine the home as theirs.” (Source – AP, IP, green)


Adding a layer of paint

Adding a neutral color paint will likely freshen up the space and give it an instant facelift, says Larson.

True. Also, remember darker colors are good for huge rooms as they make the room look congested whereas a lighter coat makes it broader.

Light reflects more on lighter surfaces and gets absorbs more in deeper and darker surfaces. Larson recommends colors like Super white or Dove white as darker hues turn most people off.

Also, a neutral palette will make it easy for the buyer to picture their furnishings in the space.


Removing Window Treatments

Recommended by many top interior decorators across the space, and might seem counterintuitive. But is highly useful.

The reason behind this move is genuine. While many of us love our costly window treatments, however, they are a letdown when it comes to home staging efforts.

The best way is to remove all those layers of windows treatments and while we all love those, bring the maximum amount of light and air in the room is key to a fantastic home staged for a prospective seller.


Layer up for some accessories

Many experts agree on this alike. It’s a simple yet strong move when trying to sell your house.

A small way is to add sets of expensive and inexpensive accessories at strategic locations to add a quick style, texture, and drama. One of the recommended ways is by dolling up a beige sofa or bedroom along with a few colorful throw pillows and a blanket.

“This is an easy and inexpensive way to bring some personality to a room without overpowering the space,” Larson says.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating an ambiance by adding artwork, flowers, candles, and other well-chosen accessories that match the lifestyle they want the home to convey, says Ficarra

Ficarra pointed towards her already massive list of fully furnished sales. The team used a stager and an art curator to add those extra layers of visual interest to the already gorgeous furnishings.


See the final furnishings

Start by taking a close look at your current groups of furnishing and see through them whether they’re helping or reducing your chances of success.

If the 2nd option comes to your mind, then the best bet is to swap some things out, or doing something to lessen its effect.

One of the top ways is to consider renting furniture as many home staging services are running across the country that provides stunning and stylish furniture on rent for few days.

To sum it up, it is quite easy to let go of the small details when selling your house. But, in long term, this can hurt you not getting the perfect deal in the future and getting a lower rate for your furnished house.

Using the given tips you can safeguard yourself and prevent any high rate of getting leaked out.

Use simple tips by yourself or hire a home staging company that has experts for this matter.