Feng Shui is basically the study of the environment around the human being. Likewise, the concept is derived from the flow of life and nature around any person. The philosophy of Feng Shui is the basic practice of arranging things according to the balance we have to create in nature and also in us humans. Also, people follow feng shui because it creates harmony between humans and nature. If we talk about the Asian culture, this philosophy of Feng Shui is known as Tao and that means the way.

Basically, Taoism is the way to balance nature and the principles of Feng shui in a very harmonious manner. The basic and the most essential principles of Feng shui are the commanding position, the Bagua, and the five elements of nature. Also, there are many things that you can add to the house if you want to make sure that your house is generating positive vibes. Thus, these are the things you must buy for your home according to Feng Shui.



One of the most sacred symbols of Feng Shui, Tortoise basically represents wisdom, endurance, and definitely the long life. This is because the turtles and the tortoise are pretty long-lived and that is why you can keep them in your home. The shells of the tortoise also represent protection. You can add the tortoise sculpture made of glass, metal, and most importantly crystals and stones. As we mention about the stones, the jade stone is the perfect one for the tortoise sculpture. Jade is a very auspicious and highly valuable stone, and this is according to Feng Shui. It basically strengthens the life forces in a person and if jade is in the form of a tortoise, then it is even more auspicious.


Crystal lotus

The most appealing thing on the list, the crystal lotus looks perfect for the décor. But definitely, it has some real effects if we take Feng Shui into consideration. There is definitely no doubt that the hues of the crystal lotus are just so beautiful. Lotus is considered to be one of the most spiritual plants on the planet earth. And this is because the development and the blooming process of the lotus are quite different from the other flowers existing on the planet. As its root is stuck in the dirt and even this happens the flower keeps on blooming very beautifully. The significance of lotus in Feng Shui is that it emits the perfect and the most beautiful energy and obviously crystals are for that only. You can get this item if you want to purify the surroundings.



The carriers of the beautiful and the harmonious sound, wind chimes have the special significance in feng shui. It contains the positive energy within itself and also soothes the atmosphere with its sounds. Also, if you want to add a luck magnet in your house, then there is no better thing than the wind chime. It is a belief in Feng Shui that every item you keep in your home has a great effect on the surroundings and the nature of the persons living in the home as well. It can also trigger mood swings and emotional changes as well. Thus, it is important to make sure that if you are buying a wind chime then you must keep check where you are hanging it.


Evil eye

If you think that your home has some negative energies, or the negative energies are trying to enter your home, then you must consider buying these evil eye charms and the evil eye objects. Also, the evil eye charms are the perfect kind of object to bring good luck in one’s life and also protect a person from any malicious gaze as well. And that is the reason why evil eye charms are considered the perfect kind of thing to add to your home as you can add them to your pieces of jewelry as well.

These were some of the things that are great for keeping at home. The feng shui is definitely the perfect way to check if you are having negative energies around your home or not. And also, these can be the perfect way to keep your house decorated as well. Thus, we hope that you understand the significance of the Things you must buy for your home according to Feng Shui.