Just imagine! You open your closet, and the clothes are nicely put up, and you can easily find whatever you need to wear for the day or a special event. Doesn’t it feel nice to have such comfort, but why do we fail to have such an experience often. It is just because of our carelessness; we neglect this part as it seems to be a daunting task. Need not worry; we are here to help you with some of our best tips to clean your closet and organize it nicely.

1. Flip your hangers

It often happens with everyone that you don’t know which clothes you actually wear and which are just lying without any use in your closet. We have given a foolproof plan to solve this common problem and that too by not putting any effort. Just flip your hangers with all the hooks facing the back of the closet. When you wear any of the clothing items, then hang them in a normal position. The next time you are set to clean your closet, whatever may be the time-space, be it three months, six months, or a year, just watch out for the clothes you haven’t worn. You would automatically recognize which sweater or pair of denim is no longer useful for you and taking up the space of your closet unnecessarily.

2. Try selling your clothes

The next thing we are asking you to do will not only help you to free up your space but also fill your pockets with some extra cash. Set aside the clothes that you don’t often wear and sell them. There are various ways to sell them from consignment stores to online shops. Do whatever that is convenient for you. It would be sneaky to know what part of clothing you are willing to part away to make your pocket a little heavy with some amount of money. Gift yourself a little bonus by following this trick.

3. Take everything out

If you are serious about cleaning your closet, you need to take everything out. It should be your first step before undertaking this daunting task. And by everything, we seriously mean everything. We assure you it is worth investing in your time and effort. It may seem to a useless task, but believe me, it will save up your time and energy as you would be able to organize your stuff beautifully after that. As you start to put up your things back in your closet, go with your favorite things first. By the end of the task, you would automatically get to know what item does not interest you, and you should put up in the giveaway pile.

4. Organize by color

Keep your things in order by organizing them colorwise. It has multiple numbers of benefits. You would be easily able to recognize the duplicates as it is difficult for you to realize you have six black shirts if your closet is in a haywire situation. It would also help you to make good decisions about what you should keep. It might be possible that you have many black pieces, but they would be suited to different wardrobe-essentials. But what would you do with the three black types of denim lying, they all might not be necessary. Another benefit of doing your closet this way is it looks aesthetically beautiful, and everything seems to be in order.

5. Box it up

When you clean up your closet and start to take out items from it, you often get confused about various items, whether to keep them or not. We suggest you take a separate box and put those items in it and label it as “maybes.” If you feel to take them out in the future, then they were actually useful. Otherwise, it was just taking up the space of your closet.