Dining rooms can become outdated quickly. But it is one of the places in your house that should look smart and edgy at all times. It is the place that reflects your personality to your guests.

So if you want to give your formal dining room a quick makeover and make it up-to-date, we have come up with four easy ways that will help you to upgrade it and that too without breaking the bank.

Add an Accent Wall

To give an instant refreshment to your dining room, add an accent wall. It will help you to create the right style statement for your room and make it more appealing. First, choose which wall you would like to accent. It is generally the wall farthest away from your door as it directly catches the viewer’s eye when he enters the room. The wall has no windows or doors ideally and stands out in the whole space.

You can design it by either adding a modern and classy wallpaper to it or just py painting with a bold new color. It will give your space an edgy and vibrant look. This by far is the easiest way to transform or upgrade your dining room without any major renovation and that too in a budget. You can even experiment by creating a gallery with family photos on it or add a few metallic accents or play with prints and patterns. In short, it can be anything that would suit your style and make your place stand out.

Add a Statement Lighting

One of the enlightened ways to make your place look aesthetically beautiful is to add ambient lighting to it. It will definitely make your place look gorgeous and lively. The thumb rule you should follow when picking the centerpiece lighting fixture is that it should cover 2/3rd of the table. Consider proportions of the room; for example, your dining area has a formal seating of around 10 people, then look for a row of matching pendants. But if it is a small space, like for just 4, then a single chandelier would work the best.

Apart from the basic light fixtures such as large pendants and unique chandeliers, you can also consider layering your lighting to create a different kind of ambiance with its help. Add recess lighting and a few accent fixtures to brighten up the dark corners. Try to make your place look something special that reflects your authentic style.

Go Eclectic

Create a beautiful look for your dining room by selecting such color combinations that everything seems flowy, coordinated with each other, and complements the whole space. Don’t forget that your space should be functional, as well. Make a layout design before you begin anything in action and do not get afraid to edit anything in between. With so many design elements, it becomes difficult to keep functionality at the forefront, so don’t overdo anything. Just follow the regime ‘ Less is More’

Mix and match various styles to keep the room cohesive and unified. Work on small yet intricate details like colors, shapes, and patterns. See where you can repeat them and mix-match with other styles. Just don’t make it look forced.

Don’t forget the accessories.

Accessorizing your room is just like an icing on the cake. You can do it by adding small items like a simple, floral centerpiece or an antique bar cart. If you have a larger place, add a buffet. But make sure that it doesn’t make the place cluttered and messy. Keep everything minimal and add the required finishing touches.