Art deco is all about grandeur and luxuries, of velvets and fine wood with some golden touches here and there. It is all about making a statement with different decor elements such as wallpapers, mirrors, accent lightings, and others. It is all about getting some high-quality stuff and making the area look grand and stunning. Art deco is on the opposite spectrum of minimalism as this style includes bold colors, heavy lighting, grand accents, statement walls, and whatnot. This decor style can be placed between being eclectic and being elegant. You need to find a proper balance between these two when styling your place in this decor style.

There are several elements you can include in your room to make it into an art deco room. The list below gives you some ideas and elements you can add to your room to do so.

Be eclectic

Being eclectic means mixing different colors, patterns, prints, and styles together and making them work in the same space. This style is all about being you and mixing different prints and patterns that you like and making the room look beautiful and full of colors. You should get some prints and patterns in the room, you can put some printed wallpapers or some patterned bedding in the room to create an eclectic vibe in the room.

Love the arch

Try avoiding straight-lined furniture and get some soft curved furniture. This style loves arch and new shapes and designs to make the room look pretty and vibrant. You can get a curved headboard or can get a circular bed or can have an arch in the room. You can even paint so on your walls to create a beautiful wall mural and make the room look better.

Bold colors in the room

As said before, this is far from being minimal and looks to express a lot. This style is expressive and vibrant and thus the importance of bold colors. Not the bright tones such as pink, yellow, orange, but the bold, moody colors such as the darkest hue of blue, black, grey, and other colors. These colors make the surroundings look lavish and extravagant. Add some golden hardware in the room such as the lamps, lights, handles, cabinet knobs, and other things in the room and see how the look of the room enhances. These dark colors are elegant and lavish.

DIY to create a statement wall

If you have some ideas and you cannot get any wallpaper in that particular design then you can simply DIY and create your own design. This way not only your room will look good with something unique and beautiful but it will also have your own touch to it making this resonate with your vibe. You should decorate the place with some stunning DIY options to make the room look great. Paint the walls in unique designs, decorate the door of your room with things such as murals, porters, add nice designs and colors to the room.

Adding gold elements

Art deco is all about being lavish, grand being maximal, and creating some beautiful designs. You can create grandeur vibes in your room with the help of some elements. You can use some golden touches that will make your room look lavish. To do so you can either get some golden hardware and install them in your room or can even get some golden lighting in the room. Accent lighting makes the place look bright and beautiful. You can also use some gold paint to add some touches of it to the walls.

Art deco is such a stunning decor style that gives the room a personality and vibe. This is a maximal decor style where you can use different moody colors, where you can say no to the simple straight lines, and go with more curved furniture, you can add things that can make the room feel like you and can resonate with your personality. Using golden hardware in the room adds a luxuries element into the room and makes the room look good. If you are interested in this decor style, you should hurry up and start planning the renovation and give your room an art deco makeover.