Having a space in the house that doesn’t allow much passage of light inside may sound all fun and cozy. But when dealing with spaces that needs all the light it can get, may get a little tricky to begin with especially if there’s less or no window inside the room. However, it is not as difficult as it may sound. You can still brighten up your space using a few tricks and techniques which may include doing some changes to your wall and furniture color to adding a few decorative pieces. There are many ways to bring in the change.

Read on to know how to make any space look brighter by incorporating a few changes to the room.

Keep the color palette light

It may sound very tempting to paint the walls in darker rich tones, but doing so in an already dark room is not really a good idea. It only makes the room look darker than it already was. So it’s always advisable to use a light color palette for wall colors as it forms a major part in any room. This serves as the easiest and most reliable way of brightening up any space. You can use any color which belongs to a lighter family, like mint, light yellow, blush pink, etc. but white works the best in this case as it helps in reflecting the light inside. Painting the ceiling white is also a great way to make the room look brighter. You can easily do it by yourself, so it’s not really hard to achieve.

And if you still want to incorporate accent color to the walls, do it on the smaller portion and keep the rest of the colors very light. Like you can paint the trim of the walls in accent color to add a pop of color to the room.

Keep the windows uncovered

Letting natural lighting inside the room is a great way to brighten it up. So if you have a window or two inside the room, don’t cover it up using blinds or fabrics. It blocks the light from entering the room. If you still want to add some privacy to the room, use light fabrics that too in light shade. For example, white or cream-colored linen aren’t completely opaque and allows easy entry of light through it. As far as blinds are concerned, opt for ones that are of light fabric. Ditch wooden or plastic blinds as they block out the sunlight.

Add lots of mirror

Mirror serves as a great source to reflect the lighting inside the room. So adding them to the space is another great way of brightening it up. It also has the tendency to make a space look bigger than it appears. Hang them on the walls or place them on the tables, but make sure to position them on the right spot. The best spot is considered to be the one where most of the lighting struck in. Also, they make for a great decorative piece with those beautiful and dainty frames, so having them in a room comes with a lot of perks.

Use light shade rugs

If your house comes with dark-colored floors or laminar floors, they tend to soak in all the light present in the room, which eventually makes any room look less bright. This is when a rug comes to rescue as it covers the flooring. Opt for a lighter shade rug or go bright with a rich-toned throw rug to lay over the floor, the choice is yours.

And if you are ready to invest some money in changing the flooring of the room then opting for light hardwood is the safest bet for you.