Decorating a small space can give anybody a hard time. It not only requires a lot of consideration but also the right planning, implementation, and purchase of every little thing. With only a limited space available in the room, it becomes quite impossible to fit in all the required pieces without making the room look all cramped up or busy. While purchasing any decoration piece or furnishing item for such spaces, make sure to take the size of the room into consideration. This way you can remain clear about what all pieces can be used to place in the room. It should be decorated in a way that not only looks functional and practical but also satisfies your aesthetic.

We have gathered a list of some decoration ideas that can be used to decorate a small space without making it look cluttered or disorganized.

Use the walls

Placing a lot of décor stuff on floors is not really a wise thing to do especially when dealing with a small space. It not only makes the room look cluttered but also makes it difficult to walk in such space. This is when the walls of that space comes to rescue. It is one of the most functional and easiest ways to decorate any small space. You can simply use your walls to hang some floating pieces to it like wall mounted shelves, nightstands, etc. This technique will definitely help you in saving a lot of space. You can also use the space beneath them by storing some necessities in a basket like some throw pillows, blankets or whatever you may like.

Use multipurpose furniture

Using multipurpose furniture is not only a practical approach but is also one great way to decorate a small space with. Furniture pieces that come with built-in storage are considered to be a perfect furnishing item. From sofas and beds to ottomans and coffee tables, they come in all different categories. There are also some furniture that can be transformed into two ways like sofa cum bed ones. This can be used to create a sofa during day time and bed during night time.

Mirror mirror all the way

Mirrors become your best friend when dealing with small spaces. Adding them to your rooms is a great way to give an illusion of extra spacing to it. If your room doesn’t come with ample lighting, mirrors can be your savior. They instantly brighten up the room due to their reflective nature. You can hang them any way you want, either place a huge framed mirror or create a gallery wall with them by choosing different frames and sized mirrors.

Stick to limited color palette

The color palette or theme of the room greatly influences the way it looks. Whether going dark or light with your color theme, make sure to keep everything balanced out by sticking to limited colors. Playing with different colors is surely one great way to create a fun and boho space. However, this is not the case when dealing with a small space, as it can easily make the room look very cluttered and busy.

Placement of furniture

The placement of the furniture greatly matters here. You all may think that pushing furniture all the way up against the wall can provide you with some extra space, but that’s not the case and it’s actually quite opposite to what you believe. Leaving a gap of a few inches between the wall and furniture can actually help in making a room look bigger and less cluttered. So position them accordingly and allow them to breathe properly.

Rug size matters

A rug can make any room look either equally small or a little spacious which greatly depends on its size. A tiny rug can easily make any room look smaller and cluttered. So it’s very important to choose the right rug. When it comes to choosing a rug for small space, look for ones that cover most of the flooring and go wall-to-wall. With that make sure it’s large enough to fit in all the furniture.