Having a variety of furniture in our homes is a must because the benefit is two-fold. It has a lot of utility and also adds to the aesthetics of our home. Adding extra chairs and couch help to create additional seating for the guests and also adds a playful vibe to the living area. For this, all we need is a couple of accent chairs that not only have distinct designing but also provide comfortable seating. Whenever you are looking for chairs, the first thing you must consider is your comfort. The designing factor is also important but it is not everything. The priority is to look for something that fits the theme of your living room, is comfortable and also flaunts a beautiful design. So basically it should be a complete package!

We have picked some really beautiful accent chair designs that have comfort, utility and beautiful designs. They will suit your living area and can also be used for your bedroom, just in case you need additional seating.

Club chairs

A club chair is not a regular chair with four legs. Instead, it is like a lounge couch that is much more comfortable than a regular chair. It is usually covered in leather or any other soft fabric. That is why it is super comfortable. Another reason why you should buy this chair is that it adds volume and bulky illusion to the living area. It is big in size so you can easily slide into it and watch your tv or read a book maybe. You can also take a nap because it has a lot of room. This one is a very cozy chair and you can pick it in playful colors that will highlight the living area.

Slipper chair

This one is a classy piece! Wherever you place it, it will look damn gorgeous and works its charm every time. A slipper chair has no arms or minimal arms for a very classy silhouette. This is a slow-slung chair with little seating so it is best for petite bodies. Those with bulky bodies will find it a bit uncomfortable but otherwise, it has very soft seating. This one adds a very quirky vibe to your living room so you should pick in vibrant colors. Match it with the theme of your house or create a contrast look for best home decor ideas.

Wingback chair

As the name suggests, this chair has a long line back to give ultimate comfort to your back. It comes with dramatic winged sides and that’s why it is called a wingback chair. With a long back and side wings, this one looks no less than a royal king sized chair. Since it is big in size, it is super comfortable and also adds volume to your living area. There are a lot of designs and colors available in this like cushion design, embellishments, tassels, etc. You can pick this one in a pair and create the perfect decor piece for your space. It is also very heavy so carefully decide where you want to place it, in the first go!

Chaise lounge chair

A chaise lounge chair is a long chair with extended seating so that you can literally lie on it with your legs resting on top just like you would do it on a bed. It provides ultimate comfort while you sit upright with your legs relaxing. It can be used for a lot of purposes like relaxing, napping and reading, so multi-utility is a check! Another factor that lures us toward this lounge chair is that it is extremely beautiful. With a small back and long seating, it has the most perfect designing and looks. You can pick it in attractive colors to create a beautiful silhouette in the living area.

A tub chair

You can easily relate to this chair thinking of a tub. Just like a tub does not have any divisions, this one is exactly like that. You cannot look at it and point where the back ends and arms begin. It is just one big piece of lounge chair with extra cushion seating. The back and arms extend in continuity and there is no division as well. The design is usually in a round style and the fabric used is super soft. The arms of the tub chair tend to be higher than other regular chairs. Use this one as a decor piece for your living as well as the bedroom area. Pick it in subtle colors so that it adds elegance and sophistication to your space.