If you are in search of the ways to create a spa-like bathroom for your home, we have the perfect one for you. Just add a live plant and you are ready to go. The only problem you encounter is you won’t get much variety that supports a high-humid environment. So figure out the plants that would thrive in such a space and prove durable. You can even go to some plant pros that would suggest you with some best picks. The varieties that would most like to survive are the ones that can tolerant to shower mist and a low-light environment. Take a look at the plants we have mentioned below. It will probably guide you in the best way possible and help you in creating a lush and plush bathroom space. Try to pick a mix of potted and hanging plants.

Staghorn Fern

A plant that loves the humidity a bathroom provides is obviously the right choice to keep over there. But try to keep it in a bathroom that has a bit more light. These are suitable for powder rooms that are somewhat on the brighter side. Staghorn ferns are basically epiphytes that don’t grow in soil and rather prefer living on a tree. So they can go perfectly on wood or you can hang it on the bathroom wall if you want. Pot it and keep it on the windowsill. Do whatever suits your taste and style.


You must be aware of the natural beauty benefits that aloe offers. So it makes them the perfect choice to keep in a bathroom although it does not need the amount of moisture a bathroom offers. The benefits it provides are manyfold. Like the goofy inside an aloe vera leaf helps you to sooth your skin, reduce itchiness and even heal minor burns. What you need to do is, to take out a leaf that has matured from the base of the plant and then take out the interior gel by squeezing it. After that apply it to your skin and get a brightened, glowy look. Place the plant near a window so that it can receive the direct bright light from outside.


These plants have great survival properties, making them a suitable choice to keep in a bathroom. It requires very little maintenance and is often referred to as a cubicle plant. The plant is quite tolerant of the high humidity a bathroom space generally offers. Pothos can easily survive the irregular watering and even the low light levels. Another plus point is that they grow really fast and transforms into a hanging vine. So you can suspend it from your shower curtain rod or even set it on a high shelf. They help you in giving your space a jungle-like look.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Most of the plant pros call this plant the best one to keep in a bathroom space. These extra-moisture lovers are native to the areas of Polynesia and Southeast Asia. The high humidity of the bathroom works in favor of the growth of the plant and also results in less browning of the leaves. Contrary to the fact that most of the ferns require bright light, these ferns can even tolerate low light spaces as well. So you can keep in the bathrooms where sunlight does not come in.

Air Plants

The last that we have put up on the list is a plant that survives a humid environment with grace. So a steamy bathroom can be a perfect spot to keep it. Try to keep in a space that receives direct bright sunlight. They are definitely for you if you have a big sunny window in your bathroom.