With Christmas being just around the corner, it is time for the coziest and comfiest holiday season, so be ready to welcome family and friends to your home. Blingy lights, colorful decor, Christmas trees, floral arrangements in different places might certainly attract your eyes. So why not give that festive look and feel to your sweet home!

Here are some useful decor tips which will make your home ready for the upcoming Christmas season-

1. Begin from the front

Confused! From where to begin! Start from the outside front area of your house which will make it look more welcoming this Christmas season. It will add fun and festive flair to your home.

If you have a front entryway, you can beautifully decorate it by featuring candelabras which can be made from discarded wine bottles, garlands, and lanterns. Light those candles in the night to make the entryway look enlightened and gleamy.

Decorate your front yard by adding a Christmas tree and an arbor that can be created with vintage ladders. Wrap the arbor ladder with industrial globe lights and garlands to create a grand entrance look. To add a pop of green and make it look more appealing, keep potted evergreens in galvanized metal buckets.

Accessorize your front door by hanging square moss wreaths (made from moss and ribbon) on each side and attaching lanterns to create an illuminating look. Add a welcome board sign to give sweet messages to your guests.

2. Move to your Kitchen

Finding a perfect size Christmas tree for the kitchen has become a tradition in many homes now. So find for yours if you want!

Hang wreath on your kitchen window, door or kitchen wall. It certainly looks adorable and creates a big impact on your overall decor. Moreover, they are much practical than trees as they won’t take much of your space. You can add garlands to the kitchen windows to give a hint of greenery. It will look magnificent especially if you have a white background to your kitchen.

Replace your kitchen accessories such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, mugs, bowls, etc with their red alternatives to add that cheer and to set a mood for the season. Pop little Santa figurines throughout your kitchen to add to the festive look by giving it a fun vibe.

3. Don’t forget the Bathroom

A very few people adorn the idea of decorating their bathroom for Christmas. But if you are making everything look tip-top, then why leave your bathroom!

You need not make big changes, but a few things here and there will certainly give that cheer and festive vibe to it. Just hang a JOY sign on the mirror or place pinecone shaped candles. The scented candles will surely give you that heavenly feeling and a lovely smell to the bathroom. Replace your regular curtains and towels with Christmas alternatives.

Again, wreaths that are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors can also be hanged in your bathroom as well.

Accessorize the place by keeping Christmas toiletries, hanging frosty bath towels, placing Santa toilet seat covers and white shower curtains with snowman printed on it.

Making such small little efforts to add that holiday spirit and it will surely bring a smile and cheer to your face when you wake up in the morning.

4. Turn of your Bedroom

There are several ideas you can think of when it comes to this area of your house.

Replacing your regular bedsheets with Christmas themed ones can change the whole look of the place at once. Deck your headboard with a simple white or green garland, it will certainly add a charm making the place look more appealing. Add a small Christmas tree or hang Christmas lights if you want.