Have you ever thought about repurposing some of your home items that have long been stored in your attic and are busy collecting dust and nothing else? If not, then it’s time that you step up your game and be more creative and smart with your decor choices. A ladder is one of those items that are owned by almost every homeowner and when it no longer is safe to climb or has started to give a very worn-out look, it is usually either thrown away or stored in the attic. What if we tell you that you don’t need to get rid of the ladder as it can just be the element that can add so much interest and character to your home in so many fabulous ways? Yes, you heard that right! The same ladder that has either slightly broken or has started to look very rustic can come to your absolute use and can become a part of your home as decor. And mind you, using ladders as the decor isn’t only limited to farmhouse style, you can easily incorporate more modern and sleek-looking ladders into a contemporary space.

Listed below are a few of the most creative ways that you can use to decorate your space with ladders.


As a shelving unit

This is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate with a ladder as it only requires you to display the choice of items on the shelves. You can either get this type of shelving unit from the store or you can create one for yourself which is also pretty much easy to make. If you have a ladder that has two different sides and can be opened up, then you can easily make one for yourself. All you will need is a few pine planks that you are going to stick to the cross beams of the ladder by using L-brackets. Depending on where you’re placing it in the house, you can choose to display the items accordingly.


Add it your bathroom to store things

Small spaces like a bathroom can always use some additional storage space and when the storage system is this quirky and eye-catching, you certainly cannot say no to this. Displaying a ladder in your bathroom is one thing and displaying several other bathroom items on it is another thing. Either way, a ladder can be a great addition to your bathroom as it provides you with an extra room to store things such as your towels, toiletries, etc. You can either hang the towel on the steps of the ladder or you can simply attach a wire basket to it which will provide you abundant space to work with. You can use the same idea for your kitchen as well.


Use it to display your plants

Another amazing way to use ladders inside your house is to use them as a medium to display your plants collectively. Plants are a major part of your house and diverting some attention to them is only going to work towards amping up the look of your house. You can use a small ladder that can also work as a nightstand or end table, to display your plants. Choose plants in varying sizes and heights to create a certain interest within that corner.


Convert it as a light fixture or chandelier

Using a ladder as a lighting fixture or chandelier isn’t as daunting as it may sound. In fact, it is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is hang the ladder horizontally to the ceiling. Then you can pass some light through the ladder in varying heights to make things look visually more interesting. You can further spruce things up by adding a few branches and vine plants to the ladder which will help to add some liveliness to the space.


Display your books

Placing your books in the same typical way doesn’t do much to spruce up the look of your house. You can get a little creative and smart with your display method. While a bookcase may be a more functional and sophisticated choice but you can also choose a ladder to display your collection of books. In case you have run out of space or you just want to add some character inside the room, then you can put one of your ladders to use and display some of your books on its steps. A stepladder is more suitable for this job as it provides a stable and wider surface for piling books.