Here is the List of Indoor Plants

Houseplants are stunning plants that can be kept inside the house without much maintenance. These plants look beautiful and are there to clean the air around making the place fresh and adding a vibrant green shade to the decor of the house. You can also use these plants for their flowers, for aroma, for food and so many more. These plants look great and are easy to maintain but at the same time, some might not be good for the animals around. If you have a pet then you might need to know about the plants that can be bad for your pet. That can cause discomfort and that can make them sick. If you are not careful with these plants and your pets, this might harm them.

1:English Ivy

English ivy is a climber that is usually seen on the outside of the buildings, climbing up multiple floors, and trees and covering them. Some people like to use these plants and decorate the inside of the house with them. They are used to decorate the walls or can be used as hanging plants with vines around them. This plant looks cute and has a green color to it but at the same time, they are harmful if consumed. If you have a pet then they might consume the leaves which can then leave them feeling uncomfortable.

2: Daffodils

These are beautiful plants that grow stunning and vibrant trumpet-like flowers that look great. They are usually seen in gardens and backyards and can be used as an indoor plants too. This is a great plant with amazing flowers and although this would not be considered much dangerous a huge amount of consumption is dangerous. A large amount of consumption may lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Thus it is advised to not have this plant inside the house.

3: Peace Lily

This is a stunning plant with low maintenance. If you love indoor plants but have little sunlight at your place then you can keep this plant knowing its cons first. These lilies are not too dangerous but they too can cause problems when consumed. This can cause stinging, swelling of lips, and nausea as well. This can cause these symptoms in both animals and humans and thus it is better to not have this plant as an indoor plant. You can go with other flower plants with low maintenance that are not dangerous to you.

4: Aloe vera

Aloe vera is something that needs no introduction. This is the plant that is there is all kinds of skin, hair, or any other problem. You can use it on your skin, your hair, your sunburn, and itchiness, and has anti-inflammatory properties. This is a useful plant and you should have it in your house but away from the reach of your pets, you can have it in the backyard, or it is a place where your pets go the least. The leaves can be harmful to the animals, causing fatigue or vomiting in dogs and cats.

5: Rubber tree

Rubber tree produces a white substance called sap. This sap is dangerous when consumed in large amounts. If it is consumed by animals, it can cause vomiting, reduced appetite, and other problems. It is also harmful to humans as it can cause impaired coordination if it is consumed in a large amount. Thus it is advised that if you have a pet then it is better to not have a rubber tree inside the house where they can chew on the leaves and thus consume sap.


You can keep plants that are small on the hanging pots that your pet cannot reach but if you have a pet and these plants are taking up space and are within the reach then you need to worry. Trained pets might make the risk level down a notch but you are never 100 percent sure that they would not consume these leaves or flowers, so it is better to not have these plants inside the house where your pets can eat the leaves and can fall sick. Take the necessary precautions needed if you want to have these or if you have a pet. Try not to keep these plants inside the house.