Lighting is not merely about illuminating the room, it works beyond that. Even though bedrooms are supposed to look cozy, relaxing and peaceful but they don’t necessarily have to be kept dark to be able to have sound sleep. Lighting is much more than making a statement, it’s equally important to create a setting in the bedroom that can be suitable for relaxing, reading and sleeping of course. The choice of light really matters here, which is why you have to be really smart with the kind and sources of lighting you are incorporating into the bedroom.
With lighting being one of the most important elements of home decor, you wouldn’t want to go wrong with that. Placing just a bedside table lamp and calling the job done, this isn’t how it works. The light setting in your bedroom should be both functional and stylish. And to help you create one for your bedroom, we have compiled a list of lighting ideas that you surely would love.


Pendant lights

Most of you must have seen pendant lights in the kitchen, but they can look equally gorgeous and stylish in your bedroom as well. To boost the visual interest of your bedroom, you can incorporate pendant lights on both sides of your bed which is not only quite a smart move but will also spice things up in your bedroom space. Instead of using regular bedside table lamps, you can make use of pendant lighting hanged on either side of the bed. Doing so will save you so much space which was earlier occupied by table lamps.


Wall sconces

Much like pendant lights, wall sconces are also a great way to save up a lot of space in the bedroom. Get them installed on both sides of the bed and this light setting can be just perfect to make nighttime reading more comfortable and enjoyable. They can be even more functional if coming with adjustable arms which can be moved around as per your convenience while reading or any spot that needs more lighting. You can find them in a variety of styles, from luxe and elegant brass wall sconces to bold and dimensional black sconces, either way; they will add indefinite style to your bedroom.


Recessed fixtures

To keep the ambiance of your bedroom very soft and calm, recessed fixtures should be the choice of lighting. Every bedroom needs general lighting and these recessed fixtures could just be the one that can provide plenty of light in all the required spots such as dressing area. The light doesn’t feel too bright; in fact, it has a very warm tone and relaxing feel to it which doesn’t look overpowering. Most of these recessed lighting fixtures come with a dimmer which can be controlled according to your need. You can dial up or dial down the brightness of the light as it fits you.


Standing lamps

Having a bedroom without a cozy reading nook just feels a little incomplete. And in order to create one for yourself, you don’t have to involve yourself in any kind of hassle, in fact, it is as easy as adding one comfy lounge chair alongside a standing lamp, that too a tall one. That tiny little corner can work wonders for your bedroom space and it can be used as a spot where you can just sit, relax and even read sometimes. However, look for a standing lamp that is focused downward so that it can provide the best task light.


Sputnik chandelier

Sputnik chandelier is all that you need to make your bedroom appear more grand, shiny and fancy. You can find them in a variety of styles including modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and chandelier fixtures as well. Sputnik chandeliers are known to exude a very stylish and grandeur vibe that works favorably for eclectic bedrooms. The spot where the chandelier is hanged can turn out to be the focal point of your bedroom.