A powder room or a half bathroom is usually present around the entrance of the house so that you can freshen up or your guests can freshen up when they are at your place. This is called a half bathroom because there is no shower place or bathtub in this room. This is usually the room your guests use when they visit your place, therefore, this place should be clean, convenient, and inviting to make the guests feel comfortable. You can make this place comfortable and convenient by redesigning it into something beautiful. There are so many designs and ideas you can utilize when it comes to creating a pretty and functional powder room.

You can look for several styles and designs and different ways you can renovate and remodify your powder room to make it convenient for everyone.

  1. Go monochrome

If you want to give an elegant and sleek look to your powder room then you can get it with the help of just some shades of the same color. To get a sleek look you can go all monochromatic and decorate the room with just some colors. You can go all white and decorate the place with some black or some other bold color hardware. You can even go all black if you want to. Black color looks lavish and stunning and can make the powder room look pretty. It goes well with golden hardware to make the room look sleek.

  1. Install a sleek and stylish shelf

It is important to have some storage space where you can put the necessities and store some extra stuff for your guests to use. You can get that storage area by installing a cabinet under the sink and can even put some shelves over the toilet for you to have extra space. Having a cabinet not only provides you with space and storage to put stuff in but also looks great. They complete the look of the powder room and make the room look functional and comfortable.

  1. Have some great light

Bathrooms must have proper lighting. You can not have some dull light in any washroom in your house. Proper lights make the place look welcoming and pretty. People go to the washroom to freshen up and to make see that they look good. Therefore it is necessary to have some good lighting in your powder room. You can have some over the mirror or can have one accent lighting hanging from the ceiling.

  1. Go bold with patterns and colors

The powder room is in your house and you can be the one renovating it. You can go creative and use the color or the prints you wish to use in the powder room. There are so many different prints and patterns that you can use when it comes to decorating the powder room. You can go all gaga and use some bold colors like pink or orange or can use some prints such as some printed and patterned tiles for the floor. These elements enhance the look of the room and make the room welcoming and comfortable.

  1. Have a good-sized mirror on the wall

It is essential to have a mirror in the powder room. With the whole room getting renovated a mirror is a must. You can get a long mirror that goes all the way from the sink to the ceiling or you can get an average mirror that is sleek and properly framed. You can even get the ones that have light around them for some nice effects. Mirrors also make the room look spacious and that is what you might need considering the powder room is usually smaller than a normal bathroom.


Renovating and remodeling any room can be a task and you should execute it with a proper plan. Therefore you can take some ideas from the ones mentioned above and then start with your renovation. The point is to make the powder room look stylish and functional and comfortable for everyone. You need to look for designs and styles that will make the room look great. Usually, the powder room is small in size and thus you need to manage the space available to you in a proper manner.