Sometimes you cannot just pinpoint the style you want and end up mixing certain things in the interior of your house. Some of those in your interior might be some antiques and timeless classical pieces that are too beautiful to replace and change. Sometimes you go to a thrift store and see some beautiful vintage pieces and get them home and put them somewhere in the house. certain things look exceptionally good and they go well with the modern interior while other does not.

In order to make sure the vintage and the modern items and elements work together and look good in a room; you need to create a balance between them. Check out the list to know things you can do to mix and maintain a balance between these two.

Make sure to know the difference between functionality and form

Antiques usually were made some decades ago and they may have lost their functionality or are complicated to function. Make sure you know who they work, and what is the purpose of the particular item. You can clean the antiques and make them put them on display in your living or bedroom. Some antique chairs and tables can make a perfect corner in any room. You can use a vintage clock to add a new element to the interior of the room. If the antique is not functional, then you can even use it as just a décor item in the room.

Balance them out to make the place cozy

No need to make sure to work everything out. Antique and modern furniture looks good and can easily work together. All you need to do is make sure the place looks cozy and you can be at ease when you are there. A house where people live needs to be comfortable and not picture-perfect just came out of a magazine interior. the place should look neat and not shabby with all different styles of decorating the place. Balance things out by getting lighter shade items if the darker shade items are more in the room and vice versa.

Repurpose and reuse the things without sacrificing their charm

As mentioned before antiques can lose their functionality and you can use them just as a décor item in the room. You can also repurpose the vintage piece and use it. Sometimes you just cannot preserve the item itself, then you can repurpose the item and make it into something new without making it lose its vintage charm. This way you can get something new and work and at the same time you can get the vintage vibes from it. For example, you get something pretty such as a chair from a thrift store and liked the structure of it but not the material used, or maybe the material is ruined. Then you can change the material and polish the structure to make it better to look and use.

Make sure to select a follow a color scheme

When you are mixing and balancing some antique, vintage stuff with modern stuff it is better to select and follow a proper color scheme. Instead of going and getting anything and having doubts about whether it will work together, you can think and plan a color scheme and get things accordingly. You can match stuff in your house that is of the required color scheme and can even DIY and change colors of certain things as well. This makes the place look elegant and well kept. Every different color needs something to balance and you can create different elements into one palette if they complement each other.

Antiques are the ones that are at least some decades old and modern ones are the latest ones. Now you know how you can make them work together in the same room and make sure the room looks well-kept and not cluttered or messy. It can be a bit tricky to find the balance between the two but it is not a very difficult task to achieve. No need to work for perfection. All you need to do is work towards making the place cozy and comfortable for yourself. Create the ideal space for yourself in your house.