An additional room is a plus point in the house. It is the one versatile space in the house that can be used in different ways. An extra space where you can decorate it the way you want to without any rules, for example, you can convert the space into your additional closet or can make a game room. There are endless options when you are looking for ways to decorate a bonus room. When there are unlimited options for decoration, it becomes a bit harder to select how you want to remodel the room. You need to know what kind of room you want this additional space to be like, you like movies, convert the space into a theatre room. Here is a list of ideas you can use for this bonus room.


1: Additional Closet

You can never have enough closet space. There is always a need to have additional closet space where you can keep your clothes and other things that are not needed for the season or the ones that you stored away because of less space. You can even create a walk-in closet in this bonus room with all the lights and mirrors and hangers and drawers. This is one of the ideas that you can use and change the additional room into.

Additional Closet

2: Home Office

If you want to have your own workspace in the house but do not know how to create one, use this bonus room and transform the area into a stunning home office. You do not need to set your laptop or computer on the dining table or take important calls in the corners. Now you get to have your own space where you can keep all your devices, take all official calls without getting disturbed by anyone, and keep all the paperwork in one place. This is the area where you can work all you want in peace.

Home Office

3: Guest Room

First and the foremost idea to utilize an additional room in the house is to change it into a guest room so that there is a bedroom that you can provide to your guests when they visit you. You need to add a bed, side tables, bedding, and all the other things that are needed in a bedroom to change it into a comfortable guest room. You can even add different kinds of beds such as a queen-sized, bunk bed all together in the room, and create a guest room that can host adults and kids.

Guest Room

4: Kids’ Playroom

If you have kids then this is the perfect area for you to convert into a kid’s space. You can use the area and make it into a playroom for your kids. This will help them have a room where they can spend time, play games, and have fun together. You can add all their favorite things such as their games, cartoons, and superheroes there, and can even arrange furniture to sit and sleep on for them.

Kids' Playroom

5: Wine Bar

If you like wine and like the idea of a bar, then you can convert the space into a wine cellar and a bar. You can have a wine cellar built in the house and can have a nice bar set up near it with all your favorite drinks. You can also add seats and food so that you can have a comfortable and stunning area to sit and relax and host drinks with your guests.

wine bar

You need to utilize every bit and corner of the space available in the house and create a cozy and comfortable environment where you can relax and rest. You get to know so many options that you can go with and decorate your additional room into a space that is useful and stunning. Take these ideas into consideration and work on the decor of the room. You can go with the idea that goes well with the space available and how the room is built. If it is an open space with a large area then you can work on creating a theater or family room or even a game room, but if the space is limited you can work with a home office or storage and so on.