Has your living room started looking plain and boring to you? There are a lot of options to completely change the look of the place and create that sophisticated and classy vibe to it. A great way to add style, color, and personality to the living room can be decorating it with quality curtains and drapes. They give a unique style statement and a cozy atmosphere to your room.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when considering different curtain designs for your place. You need to decide the size according to the overall placement of the curtains and then the color and fabric pattern in tandem with the color scheme of the room. Also, be cautious in finalizing the cut and style, pleating, folding of the fabric. These small factors will further highlight the tone and give an interesting look to your room.

Have a look at some of the curtain designs to create that nice first impression for your room-

The Two-Toned Chevron or the Big Bold Stripes

To create a simple yet dynamic look for your living room, choose your curtains with a chevron pattern and the color palette according to the accent of the room. It has been an all-time favorite home design for curtains that helps in giving a unique and contemporary feel to your room.

Choose wide stripes in alternating colors for your living room if it has a big wall and a lot of windows. Keep the colors neutral to maintain its simplicity.

Play with Neutrals and Brights

The color of your curtains decides the amount of sunlight that enters your room. If you want a space with more natural light, keep the color palette of your curtains soft and neutral. Add some pattern to it if you want.

Add a vibrant color such as blue with you want a bold look to the room. Add a textural element to enhance the depth.

If you don’t want a monochromatic room design, then mix and match some neutrals and brights to create a double-toned look.

Lavish Purple or Luminous Golden

Give a royal look to your room by adding luminous golden color curtains and drapes to your room. It will look fabulous if you have sofas of the same style. It will surely create a majestic and magnificent aura for your living room.

On the other side, if you want a modern and a chic style, combine lavish purple curtains with the light color scheme of your room. It will definitely look classy and trendy, enhancing the appeal of the room.

Create a statement with full sheet curtain

If you have a single window that is thin and tall, you can grab a chance to design it with a full sheet curtain and make a bold style statement for your room. Choose a curtain with a nice pattern and that too with accordion-style folds. This style is an interesting dynamic between the modern and classic styles of curtains.

Want some help with the fabrics! Don’t worry, we have some of them listed below-

Silk- Silk curtains are classic and traditional, have a sheer quality that allows some light to pass through.

Cotton- It is one of the most versatile curtain fabric and easy to clean. You can have it in any color and design. Style it either formally or casually.

Velvet- This material is heavy as well as luxurious. It cannot be used in a casual setting.

Sheers- If maintaining privacy is not on your priority list, then sheers can be a good option as it allows light to pass through.

Linen- Mostly used in a casual setting, linen is light and often sheer.