The ceiling of your house has the ability to upgrade the look of that particular room tenfold. If you think this is not true, you will be amazed to look at the number of designs that have been curated in ceilings and all of them have their own character and appeal. Have a look and you are sure to be bewildered.

Suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling is nothing but a drop ceiling, and as the name suggests, this is a secondary ceiling other than the main ceiling. This means that there is one concrete ceiling of cement and bricks on top and then this drop ceiling is hung beneath for its own reasons. It is done for adding style and character to the room as well as for hiding all the possible wires, raw cemented look, and bricks. This is the reason it is called a drop ceiling because it is hung beneath the original ceiling. If you opt for this one, you are actually giving a character to your room. This unconventional style is a definite pick for all your fancy rooms, studios as well as basements. These can be picked in acoustic panels for a great look. If you feel that there is a need to decorate your ceiling effortlessly, then this style does complete justice to it.

Tray Ceiling

This tray ceiling is one of the most common ceilings in homes and is usually curated in the dining area. If you wish to add a royal and elegant look to your dining area, then this ceiling will do justice to it. The design of this ceiling is like a tray in a cut-out design in which the center part of the ceiling is recessed. This means that it looks like a staircase coming downwards from four sides. This way the room looks taller as this ceiling gives an illusion of a high-ceiling room. It has a rectangular center that is either popped out or inverted to add an effect. Lighting is also installed in the topmost part of the ceiling to show an appealing vibe of the room. This false ceiling effect is one of the most loved styles in ceilings and thus, you must install this one in your dining area undoubtedly.

Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceilings are usually seen in a waffle kind design or a rectangular design to be more precise. These multiple rectangular designs on the ceiling look like a grid and are one of the most timeless geometric designs ever. You must have seen this one in royal palaces or large conference rooms because it gives a wide effect in the room. If you are looking for something that will add a prestigious vibe to your room, then this is it. You don’t have to choose them in regular paint and cemented style. You can go for wooden work too, although that is a bit costly but totally worth it. This type of ceiling does not require much decoration because it is contented of its own. So, just add some recessed lighting along with a fancy chandelier in the center to complete the look of this room.

Victorian Work ceiling

Talking about special designs and moldings, how can we leave behind the ever-famous Victorian designs? A classic Victorian design involved a lot of intricate work which is commendable for its appeal. The vibe os a room with Victorian vibes is something you will not ever forget in your life. This room will be your most favorite place because of the kind of elegance it will portray. This decorative style of a ceiling is one of the most loved styles and thus, you must pick it for your drawing room and living area. A variety of designs can be seen in this style that are apparently traditional as well as contemporary. They look classic in a white-washed finish! Let it cast its magic on the ceiling and even on a wall of your room. It can never be enough!

Exposed Beams Ceilings

Two things: One, it is exposed which means that this room will look raw and rustic. And secondly, it is a beamed ceiling which means that the load-bearing beams can be seen right in front of your eyes. This looks raw but it is actually an idea of giving a very artsy look to the house. Although this kind of ceiling cannot be used for elegant homes. It is more of contemporary and artistic home styles because possibly everything can be seen. These beams are usually made from hardwood or steel to give a rustic look to the house. The beams and pipes are exposed so you can also use this one for your fancy music studio, art room, study room, etc. A unique character that this one showcases is definitely worth it.