If you are thinking to add throw pillows to your living room space or any other area of your house to change the look of your space, we have mentioned the right tips to help you with this task-

Choose the right shape and size.

Throw pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Be creative with them by using pillows of different shapes and sizes on a single piece of furniture. It will add an interesting element to it.

  • Round- They are not as common as the square pillows but can be a nice choice when you pair them with the square versions or even place them individually.

  • Lumbar- They are best to give back support and even used as decor items in place of the usual square ones. You must have seen them placed in an armchair.

  • Square- They are found in several sizes but typically in 16, 18, or 20-inch. This most commonly used shape can be a perfect choice if you are the one who frequently likes to change the look of your space as it is very easy to find their replacement covers.

  • Bolster- They are most commonly used to place on your bed to support your arms and back when seated because of its cylindrical shape.


Another important feature to keep in mind when choosing the right kind of throw pillows for your living room is its fabric. It is easy to find any kind of fabric you need to have for your pillows. Below are mentioned a few of them-

  • Cotton- A quintessential choice for homes having young children as they are durable and easy to wash.

  • Wool- They add a cozy vibe to your space due to its texture and are best suited for cold months.

  • Velvet- To get that extra softness and warmth for your space, add velvet throw pillows.

  • Linen- Ideal for the summer season, this fabric has high durability and is usually blended with other fabrics like cotton and polyester.

  • Fur/Faux Fur- Perfect for giving a luxurious feel to your space, these have been in the recent trend but require high maintenance.

 The Perfect Fill

Three primary materials are most commonly used to fill the throw pillows. Continue reading for the same-

  • Foam- Foam holds shape better than polyester and down. They are best used for bolsters or round throw pillows rather than square-shaped and lumbar ones.

  • Polyester- This is one of the least expensive options and an ideal choice if you are using your pillows just for decorative purposes.

  • Down- They are on the expensive side and may cost you twice than the normal ones, but they are totally worth it. These pillows are softer, long-lasting, more comfortable, and have high durability.

Print and Color

Below we have given some few guidelines to choose the right kind of prints for your throw pillows-

  • Match with the surroundings- This rule applies to any of the decor items you add to your space. They should be in tandem with the furniture and textiles you already have in your room to create a blended look.

  • Use solids or neutrals- If your place already has texture and prints in its other elements, break it up by using solid colors and a neutral palette to have a subtle look.

  • Don’t forget the scale- Pay attention to scales of prints of other things in your room, such as curtains or a rug. Decide the print of the throw pillows accordingly.

  • Mix prints carefully- If you are thinking of adding different styles and patterns to your room, then try to add them in a single color.