You would have commonly find the reference of the attic in horror movies. In most of the houses, it is used as a storage space where you keep those items you rarely use. It is not commonly used as space where you carry day-to-activities. But believe me, it can be one of those places which you can innovatively use to sleep, work, play and even hang out with your friends and family. Nowadays many people use some amazing ideas to convert into a parents’ retreat with a master bedroom, bathroom, and living area. Below we have given some brilliant ways to transform the place-

Kid’s bunkroom

One of the amazing and playful ways to transform your attic space is to convert it into a kid’s bunkroom. Give it the look of a ‘camp cabin’ with a hint of some modern touches. I promise you it would be the favorite place for your child. Have three single beds along one wall with another wall completely dedicated to a bookshelf. Your kids would be able to place their desired books and even toys over it. You can even have two large beds that would act as an extension from a wall. Combine it with a cozy couch that would act as a hangout area that would serve as a multipurpose item for you. Use it as an extra bed, a desk or a game table.


It is one of the unusual places where you can have your home office. An attic in the form of an office can be your secret getaway to work in peace especially when guests come over to stay at your place. If you have a windowed view, it would surely be a cherry on the top. Try adding bright decor if you can to make it more welcoming and have ample storage space to make it look even more organized and decluttered.


If you want to use this space for your kids, then apart from a bunkroom, you can do the makeover of the place in the form of a game room. First, you have to make sure that the area is safe and sound and then go ahead with the further procedure. Create a warm, inviting space by having a unique carpet in the place. Nothing could be better if you have large windows that make your room lit with bright sunshine in the morning. The next thing you should ensure is that you should have plenty of storage. Save your space by having fold-out couches. They would also be a helping hand for you when your kids would have sleepover plans with their friends.

Hobby Room

This would act as the most creative place of your house if you are the person who has a lot of hobbies and needs a separate space completely dedicated to the activities that interest you in your free time. Turn it into a fun place that you and your family members would love to indulge in. Keep everything light and airy at the same time with minimal furniture. Install a light-colored carpet to give it a warm and welcoming feel.

Luxurious Bedroom

If you need an extra bedroom for your home and that too a one that maintains your privacy in the best way possible, we recommend you to use your attic. It would also act as a room where you would have plenty of storage space and this extra bedroom would also help you to add up to the sale price or rental income of your house. It would act as a perfect place for parents away from a noisy household.