This pandemic made us realize that we need to take care of ourselves as well as our surroundings. This time taught us the value of our nature as well. We see people keeping indoor plants to be a little bit closer to nature and keep their enclosed space livelier and fresher. Indoor plants add an element of color to the surroundings as well. Indoor plants are a very good décor piece as they add to the exquisiteness of the space. It also adds to the organic aesthetic of the house. These indoor plants do not require a lot of or constant care and attention. Some of the indoor plants you can have at your home are:



It may look that bromeliad is a difficult plant to grow but that is not the case. This plant can adapt and grow easily. You just have to do a quick research and see which species is suitable for your home conditions. Just look for the one that is cultivated as a houseplant and get the soil mixture made accordingly. Some of these plants can even withstand full harsh sunlight while others cannot. They bloom fully into this beautiful yellow, pink, green leafy plant. Just remember to not overwater these as they are from the succulent family.



This is one of the perfect shelf plants that can add beauty to your shelf without taking much space. This is from the cactus family and comes in all shapes and sizes. They do not require much sunlight or even a lot of watering. All you need to do is just get this and put it on your shelf or wherever you want and just water them when you see that the soil is getting a bit dry. Just provide this cute, small plant some sunlight and a little bit of water now and then and increase the beauty of your home.


Donkeytail plant

This is a unique succulent. This can be planted both outside and inside the house. This plant has leaves in the shape of a tear and the stem to which these leaves are attached are overhanging. This plant requires a warm climate and a good amount of water. But excess hot weather or water can damage the plant. If you plant it outside then you may witness some pink, red flowers during the late summers, but if kept indoors, there are high chances this plant might not bloom. Plant it in some statue head planter and get yourself a unique décor. 


Philodendron brasil

If you are a beginner at houseplants then this is the plant for you. Get yourself this tropical beauty with alluring leaves that has different colors splotched on it that makes it altogether more beautiful. Get them some bright and indirect sunlight and they would grow extremely well. They do not mind being overwatered like other plants but do keep in mind that overwatering will hinder their growth. You can plant them in pots or even hang them around in hanging pots.


Cast Iron Plant

This is the houseplant that can grow even without much care. They can survive a lot of conditions other plants might not be able to. They bloom when grown outdoor but cannot when grown indoor. All you need to do is check regularly and water this plant when the soil seems to start drying out. Just don’t overwater it or place them in direct sunlight. This will hinder their growth. There are different types of cast iron plants and each type has an exclusive variety of leaves.

These are some of the plants you can plant indoors and have a nice, natural décor that can elevate the whole decorum of your place. Give these plants some great, beautiful planters. This will add up to the total décor of the place say it be a room or on your patio or even in your yard. Keep regular checks on them, water them regularly, trim them if required, clean the surroundings and see how wonderful they look. Having colors in your home adds some positive vibes to the place and makes it peaceful to live in.