Every person wants their guests to feel comfortable and homely whenever they come to visit their place. The first thing that ensures it is comfortable seating. One always pay special attention to this aspect. Be it the sofa of your living room space or your guest room; you keep in mind every minute detail to make it more welcoming. The same is the case when it comes to choosing the right kind of bar stool for the stylish home bar you have added to your space. They come in different sizes and shapes, so it might get confusing for you to decide on one. Don’t worry; here we are helping you out to choose the apt one for your place.

Take Measurements

Your first step should be to take note of the height of your counter or bar where you are planning to keep your stool. Although most bars and counters come in standardized sizes, you should do so to be safe side. Just take a reading by measuring the height from the floor to the top of the counter. You may ideally find it around 36 or 42 inches, and the stools are easily available for such heights.

After you have taken the measurement, choose a stool that is around 10 inches shorter than its actual height. It ensures that you have enough legroom space while you are seated.

Next, what you should do is to take note of the length of your counter or bar. It will determine how many stools you can fit in your counter bar space. Make sure that you leave enough space so that people can get in and out easily and sit comfortably.

Bar Stool Dimensions

Most of the bar stools come in these four popular sizes. Below we have mentioned them, check which will work best for your place.

Extra-Tall Bar Stool Height: 37”-40”

Standard Bar Stool Height: 29”-36”

Counter Stool Height: 24”-28”

Short Stool Height: 22”- 23”

Bar Stool Features

After you have chosen the right height of the bar stool, now comes another thing which is rather interesting than the previous one. It is choosing the style of your stool.

Most of its style depends upon the back. It has the highest impact on the look and feel of the stool. Some of the other factors that influence it are the presence or absence of its arms, whether the back is padded or not, and if stool swivels or not. Below we have given the different options:

No Back: Though they are less comfortable than other kinds of stools when it comes to sitting for long hours, it is highly functional. You can easily slide the backless stools under the counter and make your space clutter-free.

Back with a lip for support: The lip section is there at most to your mid-back, making it slightly more comfy than the backless one.

Fullback: As the name says, these are the most comfortable option to sit for a long time on your bar or counter space.

Design Choices

This factor determines the aesthetic value of your bar stool. Take a look at the overall theme of your room, especially the counter space, then decide whether you want to match the style or create a contrast. Some decor styles include:

Modern: To create a modern look, look for metal elements, padding, and stools with low to mid-height backs.

Traditional: These stools are typically made of wood and are padded with a backless design. But if designed for a dining counter, they have fullbacks and arms like the classic dining chairs.

Industrial: As the name says, these are made from materials such as metal and plastic that are produced in industries. They often have swivel seats.

Transitional: The design of these stools is generally backless or come with a lip. Made from wood, they come with a little padding making it an ideal choice for small spaces.

All these above steps and tips will surely make your bar stool shopping simple and easy.