Creating a dedicated space at home that you can call your workspace has become extremely crucial nowadays, considering most companies are encouraging their employees to work from home due to the current pandemic situation. Working from home comes with a few set of advantages and disadvantages, while some people find it easier to work from home lazying on the couch or the bed, a selected number of people find it difficult to adjust to working in a home environment, and that results in less productivity. Being less productive while working from home is the last thing you or your employer wants, which is why it’s imperative to create a workspace in your home that will not only maximize your space but your productivity and creativity as well.

If you happen to be working from home right now, believe us, you and your space could use a corner, which you can call your workspace where you can work comfortably without your productivity getting affected. Listed below are some of the amazing tips and tricks you could use while creating a perfect workspace at home.


Create a corner that speaks to you

In order to make your workspace work for you, it’s crucial to create a space that speaks to you and represents you. Merely having a workspace doesn’t necessarily boost productivity; it only happens when you surround yourself with things that keep you motivated and your spirits high. Therefore, depending on things you like or love yourself to be surrounded with, you can add those elements around your workspace. For instance, if plants make you happy and boost your productivity, you can place a few indoor plants inside the room or even on your desk.


Get the right chair and desk

Your chair and desk are something you don’t want to go wrong with. Since these two are the main keys to making you feel comfortable throughout your working hours, it’s imperative to invest in the right ones. Look for a chair with a comfortable back that supports your neck perfectly well and a high desk to make sure you don’t have to bend your neck constantly. Your chair and desk can affect your productivity as well as body posture; therefore, make sure to invest in the right pieces.


Add colorful stationery to your desk

Colors have a huge impact on the way we feel, therefore, trying infusing your workspace with some colors so that your productivity levels don’t get affected, and you get to work in a cheerful and lively mood. The best way to add colors to your desk is through colorful stationery items; they not only boost your mood but also add some character to your workspace and keep it from looking boring.


Surround yourself with plants

One of the easiest ways to infuse your workspace with positive energy is by surrounding that corner with plants. Plants are a great healer; they do a lot more than adding an aesthetic touch to your space. They help to calm your senses and boost your concentration, keeping you productive throughout the day. Additionally, some indoor plants are also known to purify the air inside the rooms, and now that you have so many reasons to add plants inside the room, you better buy them right away. Lilies and a snake plant are two of the best options to place on your desk.


Add items that inspire you

There are some days when everything feels overwhelming, and you don’t feel your usual best. While it’s completely normal to have one such day every once in a while, it can somehow affect your work and that’s the last thing you want. Therefore, you should surround yourself with items that inspire you, and that can be anything, including your trophies, medals, inspirational posters, your favorite quotes, or something you’re proud of.