Each one of us wants to have a comfortable seating space in our home that seems to be super-stylish at the same time. It becomes all more important when it comes to showing it off to your guests. As the living room is the first place, your guests have a look at when they visit your house; it has to look ravishing as it is the place that reflects your class and personality. The most important feature that makes up for your living room is the sofas you place there. Ensure that they make the right style statement and are comfortable enough to make your guests feel homely and relaxed. Moreover, it is a piece of furniture that requires long term investment as it is going to last for many years to come.

Below we have given some of the best tips you should consider while choosing a sofa set for your space.

Try before you buy

As this is the place where you mostly spend your day reading, lounging, eating and drinking and also to entertain your friends and family, you can’t go wrong with this part of your living space. You must remember the age-old bottom test you do when buying a new mattress. The same goes for the sofa as well. Check if the sofa has good back support and has a seat depth of about 60 cm. This much of seat depth gives you plenty of room to fit in your legs and also tuck them under your seat. Next comes the turn of seat height. Generally, it is around 45cm-50cm, but it is no hard and fast rule. Check if it suits your requirements and then finalize any decision. At last, check the total width by not including its armrests.

Pick a good frame

As you would be using your sofa for many purposes for quite a long period, choose a nice frame by spending as much you can on it. Pick a good quality frame that is highly durable and efficient. Consider those manufacturers that offer a long guarantee period, generally of around 15 years. It is an important factor as it ensures the safety of the product for the years to come. Avoid choosing a frame made from particleboard or metal. A solid hardwood frame can be a good option instead.

Pick some comfy cushions

As it is important to take note of what is inside your sofa, similarly, it is equally essential to consider what you use on its outside. There are typically two options available when it comes to filling of the cushions. While feather-filled cushions provide you with great comfort, on the other hand, foam-filled helps in providing a good structure to the cushions. Feather-filled ones need regular plumping while foam-filled ones may lose their shape over time and might flatten out. So the perfect solution to this common problem is to have a combination of both. The foam will provide the right structure, and feathers will give the apt softness. It is advised to have seat cushions filled with any of these materials and back cushions with mostly feathers.

Choose the right fabric

Go for a fabric that fits with the overall theme of your room as it is going to create the maximum impact. It adds to the aesthetic value of your space. Try to choose a synthetic fabric if your sofa is placed near a window as natural materials tend to fade away in strong sunlight. Choose any color palette- bold, patterned or neutral, whatever suits your style. Make sure your fabric is easy to clean if you have a house with children or pets. It is also advised to have loose covers as they can be easily removed for washing and cleaning.


You can’t neglect this part. What will you do with a sofa set that won’t fit in your house? So before doing anything, measure your space and see what can be the maximum dimensions of the sofa you can place in your living room. Also, check the dimensions of doorways and stairways through which your sofa would pass to reach its destination.