When you have a small space in the apartment, it can get a bit difficult to style and design the space and to store everything neatly, both at the same time. There are times when you feel the need to have some extra space so that you can store your stuff in and for you to put additional things in the space to make it look cute and pretty. It is important to arrange your things so that they look good, stylish and at the same time are functional and comfortable too. You might make some mistakes when you are styling these small spaces which might lead to the room looking smaller and cluttered.

To avoid the following, look at the list below and get to know things that you should not do while styling small spaces

Not utilizing the natural light in the room

When it comes to small spaces, lighting is an essential need as it can make the room look brighter and spacious. It is important to have natural light in the room and to use the natural light given in the room in a way that the room looks bigger and brighter. You can have large windows which will allow a lot of natural light to enter the room and can even get a mirror in the opposite direction so it reflects light and make the room better.

Piling up things in a place


Do not clutter things and pile them in a place. This does not only talk about the storage stuff but about the other things you might have put together here and there that can lead the place to look messy and not well kept. You should keep the stuff in a proper manner. To do so you can assign places for different stuff and clean the area at a regular interval of time. Some messy looks of the room could be stuff lying around on the vanity, side table, bed, shoes kept here and there in the room, and many more.

Not utilizing the vertical space

There is a lot of space vertically in any room which you need to make sure to utilize properly. You can install some shelves that you can use to put some of your items on or you can create some cabinets on the wall that can store a lot of stuff for you. You can get some wall hangers to put some of your stuff on and thus can utilize the vertical space. People usually neglect this space available to them and thus look for other ways to store stuff that can lead to crowding in the room.

Using bold colors

The use of extremely bold colors might make the space feel smaller. These bold colors usually absorb the light and do not reflect it which can, in turn, make the room feel smaller and less bright. So when you are styling a small room make sure not to use extreme bold and dark colors as the main color palette or the base of the decor. You can use them in a minimum quantity when styling the room.

Not getting the right sized furniture

When it comes to styling a small space, it is important to know how much space can you assign to what. One of the common mistakes people make when they are decorating the place is using furniture that is not of the right size for the room. You should get the furniture of the right size for the space available to you. Not too small as to make it nonfunctional and uncomfortable and not too big that you do have much space left after placing them.


There are several things that you can avoid when it comes to styling small spaces and creating a beautiful interior. You can look for ideas and styles as to how can you style a small space and make the most of it so that everything kept there is functional and stylish. You can invest in some multipurpose furniture and things in the



a house that can save you space and can be used for more than one purpose. You can DIY some ideas to utilize the space available to the max.