Bedroom storage is a forever problem that especially haunts the tiny studio or a sprawling multi-room apartment room. Do whatever, still the closets are not big enough and you also don’t need to pack a lot of dresses and cabinets into the space that appears a haphazard mix of clunky and crowded way.

One rather simple solution to these storage problems is to choose a bed with huge storage that will make things much simpler and easy. One is that you don’t need any separate storage facility, and second, many options come when it comes to buying a storage bed.

From closer drawers to open shelves, and from two slim drawers to four roomy ones. Lots of opening shelves to the storage facility on sides or at foot.

Go for 2 slim drawers or 4 roomy ones, it’s incredibly easy to find one bed that fits the need and space. Given below are some storage and space favorite beds to help start the search and solve the problem of all types of bedroom storage for once and all.


Novogratz Kelly bed – ($439.46 during sales)

Novogratz is a sleek and value-for-money bed available on Amazon. The bed is packed with styles, functions, and a seamless experience.

The color texture can be less thrilling to some of you, however, no need to feel panic yet. It’s not boring to see.

The solid color and crisp edges keep the linen upholstered and settle on a basic frame.

Want more? Novogratz comes with 4 epic drawers to offer some of the best storage space without drawing much attention. Even it is impossible to tell the drawers as such from outside due to attention to detail given.


Novogratz Kelly bed


Matera Bed – ($4995.00)

Highly inspired by Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, this bed from Matera by designer Sean Yoo features crisp, clean lines, and a simple, contemporary design that turns sleeping into an art.

With a minimalistic design and solid walnut oak construction taking center stage, with 6 full-extension drawers and with soft to close glides, you get plenty of room for storing stuff like sweaters, blankets, and more.


Matera Bed


Andes Deco Upholstered Storage Bed – ($1049.50)

The West Elm’s iconic Andes collection gets an important fundamental and functional upgrade. With a streamlined design, elegant upholstery, and glammy legs, the storage beds look genuinely and good.

Also, it has plenty of storage to spare.

The 4 side drawers look elegant too. The bed is super customizable, comes with 3 headboard heights, almost 30+ fabrics and colors, and last but not the least, 2 pretty awesome leg colors to choose from.


Andes Deco Upholstered Storage Bed


Storage bed – ($1549.00)

A product from leading furniture store Gothic Furniture. This is a super incredible bed and beats all when it comes to storage. The bed ticks all boxes when it comes to one-stop choice for a bed that has a lot of storage, a specific frame color choice, and a mix of cabinets plus drawers altogether.

The bed features 12 (Yes, Seriously, 12!!) storage compartments in 3 different configurations

Want more still? Then ask because this company always listens. Get 23+ color options that offer a lot of flexibility. It’s also made to order in NYC, so you know it’s built just for you.


Storage bed


Storage beds work 2 ways, provide storage, and also don’t take any extra space. With the incredible range shown above, but as per your needs and budget.

A good storage bed is now just one step far from your reach.

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