Most of the houses follow the same format or layout when it comes to decorating their rooms. And that similarity leads to every house looking the same regardless of what size or what style of the room is. And when it comes to the living room, the usual format of a cozy sofa or couch, a coffee table, an accent chair, a big television, colorful rug, and not to forget the side tables can easily make the room feel too cliché and boring. And we would happily like to tell you that there are so many other ways to stir up the things a bit and change the whole layout of your living room in the most amazing and unconventional ways. For starters, the side table can be a great place, to begin with. With the use of some creative and innovative ideas, you can easily find some cool alternatives to these side tables that don’t do much good to the overall appearance of the room. And by getting creative, we don’t mean you will have nothing besides the couch or sofa to set down your drinks or lampshades. In fact, instead of those tables, some other pieces will be used to get a little creative with the room.

A bar cart

A bar cart doesn’t have to be necessarily used for stacking all the booze on it. It is a practical purchase that can offer more functionality than you would like to know. The side tables don’t have to be boring or the usual always, and a bar cart is a great example of that. They can be anything you want them to be, and the best way to put them to use besides holding on to your booze is to use them as a side table, which quite honestly is a pretty creative way of utilizing it. You can find bar carts in a variety of options, from different materials to different designing, opt for one that suits your needs. Arrange all the things on it that are usually set on your side tables and you will be good to go.

Make the use of a chair

If you have a small tiny chair that isn’t serving the needed purpose anymore or just in case you are thinking of replacing it, then you might be happy to know that there’s still a chance to put it to use and make the best use out of it. Using a chair as a side table is not only a creative and fun way to spruce up things a bit but is also an excellent way to add boho-chic vibes to your room. Place all the usual things; you would like to put in there, just make sure everything looks organized and tidy. A tiny plant, a statement decor piece, and a cute lampshade will elevate the appearance of the chair.

Add stylish shelves

Floating shelves can act as a great alternative to those usual side tables, and they look stylish enough to add to the walls. Besides serving the purpose of the side table, they can also help in saving a lot of floor space, which can come extremely handy when dealing with a small and cluttered space. You can use those shelves to hold different items like plants, a lampshade, decor pieces, and other various elements.

A ladder

Decorating your house is all about being creative and innovative, and a ladder is a perfect example of a creative aspect. Much like any other alternative, a ladder is also quite a striking and fabulous way to shake things up a bit and makes your house feel more stylish and chic. Today, ladder style storage units are being used to hold certain items more and more. You can easily find such pieces at local stores, and to help you with options, we would suggest you go for a rustic style ladder as they instantly add a sense of style and rustic vibes to the room.

Put old trunks to use

The old trunks and suitcases that look vintage and a little worn out can be the next best alternative to your side tables. The number of trunks can vary as per your preference and liking; it can vary from one to a maximum of three layers for a maximum effect. You can either stack them according to their sizes or you can arrange them randomly for a casual look. Just make sure things don’t look messy or cluttered.